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» Transformations - Andrew Rawlinson - 'THE HIT' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'The Hit - Into The Rock'N'Roll Universe And Beyond' and 'The Book Of Enlightened Masters - Western Teachers in Eastern Traditions.' . Andrew Talks about his life and how he was aware that he was continually 'hit' by realisations, small and large, that enabled him to see through his conditioning. 'The HIT is both a grace and a disturbance. All worlds are a show.. Reality is open It is constantly transforming itself It goes beyond itself It is where illusion begins. All derangements are connected. Like sub atomic particles they just keep reflecting each other jumping between each other and turning into each other. Just like a magic trick where certainty and deception change places. It's a jungle, as soon as you find a path you loose it. Everybody is looking for who they are ------- but they are nobody Not only is the world stranger than you imagine - it is stranger than you can imagine. And we are all collaborators in creation. And what is it to collaborate? To know that we are the mirror as well as the face in it, pain and what cures pain. This is the expanse of spirit: rich and dark. Yes, it's the Gods who are rocking us, who are looking for someone to receive them. There is really no reality without identity, and identity is a show.'
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