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» Science - Ivan Tyrrell - 'The Brain's Big Bang' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author (with Joe Griffin) of 'Godhead - The Brain's Big Bang', together they have also written several other books including, 'How to Master Anxiety', 'Human Givens: The New Approach to Emotional Health and Clear Thinking' and 'Dreaming Reality: How Dreaming Keeps Us Sane, or Can Drive Us Mad'. The book 'Godhead' draws together psychology, science and mysticism but it all basically boils down to one topic: "Why do we exist?" Ivan puts forward the idea that 40,000 years ago during the stone age a 'big bang' took place in the human brain enabling our ancestors to experience and exploit the world in a new way. This irrevocably changed the way the human race functioned. Ivan says, "When experimenting at the quantum level the consciousness of the experimenter always influences the outcome of the knowledge about reality in the experiment." And "Effective psychology is always based on a holistic understanding of the relationship between the biological, psychological and social aspects of human functioning. Everything is interconnected."
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