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» Other - Jürgen Ziewe - 'Vistas Of Infinity' - Interview by Renate McNay
Author of 'The Ten Minute Moment,' 'Multi-Dimensional Man,' and 'Vistas of Infinity.' Jürgen started to meditate at an early age and at one point suddenly discovered himself out of his body. At first he didn't realise what had happened but found confirmation in the books of Carlos Casteneda. He found that there is a wormhole right in the centre of our brains which can catapult us into a parallel world. In this interview he talks us through his many dramatic adventures over 40 years into higher dimensional realities from the darkest places to the most illuminated regions of cosmic Consciousness and realms. He also found out what happens to us after death. He says: "The moment we leave our physical body behind our unconscious becomes our new external walking reality." "Every day I wake up it is the first day of an infinite future."
» Transformations - Jürgen Ziewe - ‘The Ten Minute Moment' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'The Ten Minute Moment,' 'Multi-Dimensional Man,' and 'Vistas of Infinity.' After 40 years of meditation which had gradually taken him to deeper and deeper places Jürgen went on a 7 day personal retreat in as remote cabin in Scotland. He meditated most of the day and experienced a profound awakening. 'After a meditation I slowly opened my eyes and sized up my surroundings - my body had become part of the furniture. I could still perceive the external world through my eyes but my body had turned into a shell - a cardboard cutout - reality was being stripped away before my eyes. I could no longer be sure of what was happening - it was beyond and outside anything I had come to know. The stillness was too vast in its scope to be grasped. There was no reality as I knew it. The thing is it has always been different but I hadn't noticed. It was reality stripped of any familiarity. I could almost not bear it. For a moment I wanted to go back. In an instant I recognised that I was just a thought; an imagination without no substance. This was the death of all deaths. I had arrived at zero point. I was about to be surrendered and reabsorbed into the source. One more step and there would be no return - I was staring into the merciless face of God.' He also talks us through his life, how he refused to accept that the 5 senses was all there is to reality and how that led to a life long quest to find out who or what this consciousness was conscious of.
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