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» Awakenings - Kristiina Helin - Seeing Is Seeing Itself - Interview by Renate McNay
Kristiina is a Finnish Music Stage Director and a mother. As a child she had strong energy and Out of Body experiences which left her terrified. Having also had a violent upbringing she realized the need for relaxing and releasing emotional stress was essential. In her twenties she entered an Acting School in London where she explored her senses and radically questioned her perception and reality. Coincidentally she found out about Japanese Butoh Dance and travelled to Japan to study its philosophy. The most important exercise was Bisoku movement which is extremely slow. Dancing for example to the smell of a flower or to different images, becoming one with whatever caught her attention; a blade of grass, a tree. Back in Holland she entered a long period of silence where she took action to the zero and fell into a deep depression. At a gathering with Rupert Spira in Amsterdam she had a profound shift in her perception, looking into a mirror she was neither in her body nor in the mirror, she had disappeared.
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