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» Transformations - Paul Holman - 'Freedom Through Spatial Awareness' - Interview by Iain McNay
Paul is author of 'Living Space - Openness and Freedom through Spatial Awareness.' He is a Doctor with 40 years' experience in psychiatry and has a lifelong interest in mind-body relationships. He began to realize that an expanded experience of space was reported by individuals who had woken up. The work of Douglas Harding had an immediate and extraordinary effect on him and he started to look for other accounts of radical changes in perception. He feels that as Westerners we are preoccupied with foreground experiences and our attentional style is narrow which has pervaded most aspects of our lives and leads to narrow focus. Becoming aware of space has made an enormous difference in his practice and his work with clients. In this interview he talks about his experiences and his work and how an awareness of Spatial Awareness can lead to freedom.
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