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» Awakenings - Paul Morgan-Somers - 'Paul disappears into the ocean (and Messi is God!)' - Interview by Iain McNay
Something happened out of the blue to Paul when he was 15 playing football which was his passion. (he was signed as an apprentice to Cardiff City FC and wanted to become a professional footballer.) He had a strong sense to sit quietly and was overwhelming by a deep brilliant sense of beauty and peace. This went on for 18 months. He felt his sense of free will and choice was dropping away and that he was 'losing the story of Paul.' Life was becoming like a boundless football game. He felt like a kid on beach playing in an ocean of energy with no control over his experiences. He went on to stay in a monastery for 5 years and then lived as a hermit for a year in a caravan. He later married and had two children and now travels and talks with people. He says, 'My character just fell into the ocean.'
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