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» Transformations - Rick Brown - 'Trust in Krishna' - Interview by Iain McNay
Rick was the singer in the innovative American psychedelic rock band The Misunderstood formed in the mid-1960s. They were discovered by John Ravenscoft (soon to be Peel) and with his help moved to London where they signed to Fontana Records. They were admired by many including The Move and the Pink Floyd and were considered highly influential in the then-emerging genre. They only recorded a handful of songs before being forced to disband. Rick was then conscripted into the US Army to fight in Vietnam. In the boot camp he was turned onto the Bhagavad-gita and deserted and fled to India via the UK with a false passport. He moved into a Hindi ashram where no-one spoke English and became a monk staying for over 6 years. He begged for his food and had to deal with many serious health issues. While there he learned to speak Bengali and Hindi and read Sanskrit and Hindi. In 1979, after 12 years in exile, he returned to the US where he was granted amnesty as a conscientious objector and discharged from the Army. He now lives in Thailand where he deals in gemstones. His story is fascinating and has many phases; from potential rock star to fugitive to Hindi monk to rediscovering active life from a different vantage. It is quite a tale. 'You start off with blind faith and then circumstances causes that faith to be tested and then when the tests work out it becomes experience and then it becomes knowledge and then it is no longer blind faith'
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