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» Advaita - Wayne Liquorman - 'Never Mind' - Interview by Iain McNay
Wayne Liquorman was both a spiritual seeker and a family man with a successful export business, when he met his first and final guru, Ramesh Balsekar, in September 1987. In April 1989 the process of seeking ended when enlightenment happened through the body-mind mechanism called Wayne. Wayne describes the event as being 'of interest only to seekers.' His first book, "No Way: A Guide For the Spiritually Advanced" was published in 1990 under the pen name Ram Tzu because he 'didn't want a bunch of miserable seekers cluttering up his living room.' In fact, Wayne did not speak publicly until Ramesh asked him to do so in 1996. This enlightenment event and its aftermath are described in Wayne's second book, "Acceptance of What Is" published in 2000. He is also the author of "Never Mind A journey into Non-Duality", and is the editor of Consciousness Speaks and several other books by Ramesh Balsekar, who refers to Wayne as his 'spiritual son.' The teaching, as it happens through Wayne, is pure Advaita (Non-Duality), uniquely presented in a uncompromising, sometimes humorous way, without religious dogma or new age veneer. In his talks, Wayne is without agenda, speaking only in response to seekers' questions. He talks about Consciousness: the ground of all being, the source and the substance of everything. In the interview Wayne talks in detail about his awakening and how this impacted his life.
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