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» Advaita - Georgi Y Johnson - 'The Psychology of Awakening'
Georgi is a spiritual teacher and with her partner Bart ten Berge runs an international teaching and healing practice in Nondual Therapy and Spiritual Psychology. She is the Author of "I AM HERE", Opening the Widows of Life and Beauty, "Nondual Therapy" The Psychology of Awakening and "Stillness of the Wind" A Collection of Nondual Poetry. In this interview Georgi talks about Nondual Therapy. She was involved with her team and students in a shared evolutionary project where they used themselves as guinea pigs to discover the immense healing power of Nondual Qualities of our True Nature. Nondual Therapy, which Georgi is pioneering around the World is a process which supports the release of energetic contractions in the Psyche which are frozen forms of those Nondual Qualities. She also talks about the purpose in our suffering, that it is NOT private and inseparable of the suffering of the whole. Every moment we live the Universe is experiencing itself and how to be free within an experience or feeling. The Art of living this Life and that Individuality is a precious manifestation of Source in motion.
» Awakenings - Georgi Y Johnson - 'I AM HERE' - Interview by Renate McNay
Georgi is the Author of "I AM HERE - Opening the windows of life and beauty". In this interview she talks about her process of Awakening which led her into writing this book and the teaching of I AM HERE. Her first conscious awakening was when she was 2 years old, lying on the bed and calling her own name, like a Mantra, Georgi, Georgi, Georgi, when suddenly she became strange to herself."I was not me, not this who was I"? Sporadic awakenings continued and she realised later that it was her conviction to understand the meaning of Life which she beautifully played out in her book "I AM HERE". She talks about the three stages of her awakening which started from the head up, the heart was still held prisoner, later the heart was open to unconditional love yet the body was still held prisoner. She also explains the difference between Consciousness, Awareness and Emptiness..'Enlightenment comes with the liberation of Awareness.'
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