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» Other - Anne Geraghty - 'Death. The Last God' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'In The Dark And Still Moving', Anne talks about the sudden death of her son Tim Guest and how that started her journey to find out what death means for her.
» Authors - Anne Geraghty - Interview by Iain McNay
Anne Geraghty is a writer, lecturer and psycho-spiritual therapist. She runs workshops on love, relationships, planetary homoeopathy and the geoMystery. 'My life as a: cocktail shaker, psychotherapist, writer, shampoo girl, educational psychologist, taxi driver, cleaner, mother, researcher for the M.R.C., waitress, clinical psychologist, socialist feminist, factory worker, disciple of a tantric guru, maths tutor, relationship counsellor, adventurer into the psycho spiritual wild-side, shop keeper and cook - though not all at once or in that order, has taught me - everything is in everything.' Anne's autobiography is entitled, "In The Dark And Still Moving" and is published by The Tenth Bull Press.
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