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» Other - Camille Carr, Jon James and Christine Jensen - 'Consciousness and Trauma' - Moderated by Iain McNay
In 1997 Camilla and Jon drove to Chechnya to help set up a rehabilitation Centre for war-traumatized children in war-torn Grozny. Two months later they were kidnapped at gunpoint. For the next 14 months they were kept in basements with no natural light or fresh air. They talk about how they dealt with the trauma that came up for them after they were released and how they dealt with it. Christine Jensen works as a trauma therapist and is based in Bath, in Somerset. The three guests discuss the importance of recognizing and healing the many different types of trauma that we all face in life. How we are unaware of the layers of trauma hidden in our psyches, bodies and nervous systems and how this trauma is one of the barriers to discovering who we really are.
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