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» Other - Charlie Morley - 'Dream of Awakening' - Interview by Renate McNay
Charlie Morley is a Lucid Dreamer and the author of Dreams of Awakening. He teaches lucid dreaming within the context of Tibetan Buddhism and is the co-creator of Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep and gives workshops and lectures around the globe. He says: " We sleep for about 30 years in our life, we are for 30 years in a 'black out' why would we not be interested in where we are?" In this interview Charlie talks about the benefits of lucid dreaming which is also a preparation for Death and Dying and for going through the BARDOS realms. Lucid dreaming offers the opportunity for the full Realization of our True Nature. Lucidity is not only about dream dimension, it's about all dimensions and being awake in everything we do.
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