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» Transformations - Ginger Gilmour - 'Bright Side Of The Moon' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'Bright Side Of The Moon' Met and married Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour with whom she had 4 children. Started her spiritual journey when she became very ill and discovered meditation. Worked and trained with Irena Tweedie, Cecil Collins, Dr Wenger Engel and Gerhard Adler on her processes over the years. 'I discovered the answer to the shadow Collective Unconscious including Anima and Animus. I realised I had always placed a shield between myself and my shadow - I only wanted to focus on Love light and Beauty - I discovered the shadow was marked - 'do not enter broken dreams' I was a puppet controlled by the darkness.' In this interview she talks about her life, her passions, her struggles and breakthroughs and her realizations. Ginger now works as a painter and sculptor.
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