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» Spiritual - Jean-Paul JeanRenaud - 'Be More and Do Better' - Interview by Iain McNay
Joined World Wildlife Fund in 1990 and founded 'One Planet Leaders.'. 'We are part of the web of life but also co-weavers and we need to make sure our actions are benign and of benefit to all. The new paradigm will be an expression of a transformed way of being, bade on compassion, understanding and founded on mutual respect: the Earth and each other. We express our being in and through nature - the current state of the planet reflects the impoverishment of the human psyche that has lost its sense of wonder and awe. No longer sees the 'great spirit' in the natural World. The ecological crisis we are experiencing today is a rather predictable outcome of the deluded behaviour the Buddha described as 'GREED, HATRED and IGNORANCE. We are quite literally poisoning the seas, the air and the earth. The imperative of the present is to be BE rather than to DO. In order to DO BETTER we must BE MORE. This is not a justification for passivity and inaction but a call for intensification of action, but at an interior level. A call for interior transformation and growth - the potential for limitless, interior, spiritual expansion. We have to focus less on the other and more on the inner worlds. Through the transformation and growth of our inner being and the liberation of the hidden self, outer renewal will occur. '
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