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» Transformations - Mukti - 'Stillness' - Interview by Renate McNay
Mukti had an early yearning to know God. She felt a fire in herself to find out what true marriage is. After a direct experience of knowing who she really is, awareness recognised itself as emptiness. She is married to Adyashanti.
» Awakenings - Mukti - 'The Embodiment of Enlightenment' - Interview by Renate McNay
The Feminine Face of God - Part 2. Mukti, whose name is translated as "liberation" is a teacher in the linage of Adyashanti, her husband. In this interview she talks about her spiritual path of Faith and Trusting, her longing to have a spiritual marriage with Adya and her experience of "True Stillness" which lead into her profound Awakening where Reality completely shifted. Mukti also points out that Women need to listen to their direct experience in their bodies and explains with such beautiful clarity how Enlightenment is felt and manifested through the 3 Centers - Mind, Heart, Belly - in the body
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