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» Transformations - Rhonda Byrne - 'Finding The Greatest Secret' - Interview by Iain McNay.
After reading books about manifesting abundance and the law of attraction when her life was in crisis Rhonda dramatically changed her priorities and everything changed for her. She then had the idea of making a film of what she had learnt and called it 'The Secret.' On release it was immediately a huge success and that encouraged her to write a book of the same name which to date has sold over 35 million copies. She then went on a sustained spiritual search over many years to find deeper levels of truth. That took into the world of Esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism as well as studying teachers such as J. Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharishi. And then one day she found a video of an interview with David Bingham and something finally clicked, she woke up, and she knew for sure who she really was. This led to her writing her latest book, 'The Greatest Secret' where she goes into detail on what she found and the teachers who helped her the most. In this interview she talks in detail about her life and her journey and how she eventually found the greatest secret.
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