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» Advaita - Shakti Caterina Maggi - 'How Consciousness Becomes Human' - Interview by Renate McNay.
Shakti is a spiritual teacher sharing her message of embodied awakening to our True Nature. As a child she already had spiritual experiences and in 2003, while working as a financial reporter in Milan, had her first Kundalini awakening. She fell asleep with a deep sense of love and woke up at 2am with all her body in bliss. A friend took her to a Satsang where Caterina realised that she had never existed. She never felt as a Person again, or fell back into identification. She saw that she was not in charge of her spiritual Life and it's not a Person who wakes up, it's Consciousness. She explains what true Embodiment means and how Consciousness becomes a Human Being. Her message is: "Awaken to Life and not run away from it and see Life through the Emptiness of the Heart."
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