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» Transformations - Susanne Marie - 'Embodiment Is Never Ending' - Interview by Renate McNay
Susanne Marie is a spiritual Mentor and Guide. In this Interview she tells us her story of Awakening and her experience of Oneness as a child. She talks about the challenge of the realization of our True Nature within the context of raising children and having a family. Close to her Heart is Embodiment, welcoming all of ourselves, knowing everything is God. Embodiment is never ending until the last breath. She says: "There is a growing movement in the awareness of the collective consciousness to include the understanding that our bodies are Divine. Consciousness is evolving to include all of itself. The era of recognizing the Absolute Truth that I am not the body, is expanding"
» Advaita - Susanne Marie - 'Living Beyond Unity' - Interview by Renate McNay
Susanne Marie is a Mystic, spiritual Mentor and Guide and currently writing her first book about her journey to Awakening. In this interview she talks about the 3 different major awakenings she had. 1. Emptiness of Mind - Mind waking up to itself 2. Unity Consciousness - the Heart understood the truth of form, the form itself is divine and I AM THAT not just I AM. 9 years of integration and embodiment followed when a realisation happened she wasn't anticipating - 3. Her Body released itself of identity, she was left with NO SELF The Body contains identity within its own structure, the sense of ME which is needed to help it function. When the ME fell away within the body nothing was ever the same. There is no landing place anymore. Self reflection came to a permanent End. There is only pure experience only NOW. She says: "Go directly to the experience and feeling of what is arising, drop deeper into the vastness of your Being, rest there, no need to interpret, let go without knowing
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