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» Business - Tim 'Mac' Macartney - The Invisible Path - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul: The Invisible Path To Authentic Leadership, Tim in 1983 was a gardener at a management training centre. By 1987 he was the head of consultancy at the same place, and two years later had his own London based people and organisation development consultancy working with leaders of multinationals. He has foot in two worlds. There has been times when they have been at war with each other: one part is shocked at the beauty of the earth, the other loves the business of business. He says, "Leaders are failing us and we fail them too - we get the leaders we deserve. We are at a time when we all need to find our own self-leader." "Real vision cannot embrace conformity, yet most organisations insist upon it. Conformity is the place of the slave. Leaders need to be dangerous to the status quo and restless truth seekers. They exist to articulate the dreams and aspirations of a community, they may get burnt but they don't give up; they must sit by the people side by side as equals and listen." "We are in a war with ourselves, with life, and the lines are drawn." "We are implicated whether we like it or not. We can pretend that the corporations are the enemy, but all of us are employed by, eat their food, derive our power, fuel our cars, furnish our houses, take out entertainment from the same organisations. We can deride our politicians but someone keeps voting them into power. We are the problem." "Around the world small and big initiatives are being born that are the response of dedicated and visionary people. There are millions of people just one step away from entering the garden and picking up the spade."
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