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» Advaita - Tony Parsons - 'The Open Secret' - Interview by Iain McNay
'The Open Secret communication can only point to the simple wonders of being, and attempt to illuminate the futility of seeking for it. It does not accept or reject the teachings of spiritual path or process but it will expose, without compromise, the singular and fundamental misconception that drives the belief that there is something called a seeker that needs to find something else called enlightenment. The Open Secret does not compromise with the needs and expectations of the seeker. Neither does it attempt to attract or please with promises of an easy and pleasant experience of liberation. Who could promise that, and who would experience it? Because the idea of individual free will and choice is seen as an illusory dream, there is no agenda or intention to help or change individuality. As far as the apparent individual is concerned, there is nothing for sale here.' Tony talks here about Non-Duality and his early life and experiences. He is the author of several books including, "As It Is: The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening" and "Invitation To Awaken: Embracing Our Natural State Of Presence".
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