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Conscious TV Winter 2016/17 Newsletter

Dear All

We hope this Newsletter finds you well and with peace in your heart.

It seems that for many Life is becoming more and more challenging. Our Human journey is not always easy to live in a World which seems to be becoming more and more extreme. To help ride the storm we all have to be really committed to do the inner work, to stay calm and connected, and to trust into whatever Life is manifesting for us right now in its challenges and also its beauty. As Cynthia Bourgeault pointed out in a recent interview, "when we are really in our hearts, all is well and we are safe".

For us all, Silence, whatever that means to us, is the key and we have recently recorded some wonderful interviews on that subject. One of them was with John Butler who was recommended by a viewer and because he felt too old to come to London we organised a Film Crew and went to visit him in Derbyshire. The setting was in his local Church where he practices Prayer, Silence and Meditation 4 to 5 hours a day. Many of you were deeply touched and the interview was even translated into Russian and posted onto YouTube.

You probably never ask what goes on in the background to support  There is much work that goes into every interview and also to help maintain the channel. There is basically just the two of us with a few volunteers helping out (a special thank you to Niya, Carole, Heath and Thomas.)  If you feel you would like to help and have some time then do get in touch.

We do get many emails and messages with people expressing their appreciation and this all helps to keep us going.

Here is a little story which happened to Renate some time ago:

‘I was leaving the train in the Underground station Green Park in London, hurrying towards a connecting train which is quite a walk through an underground tunnel. I heard loud Music at the end of the tunnel, probably someone playing Guitar to earn his meal for the day. Intuitively I drew out my purse to take a few coins and when I reached the Musician I dropped it in his hat and continued towards my next train. Suddenly I hear someone shouting my name…RENATE  and as I turned around I saw the Musician running towards me shouting: ‘Renate, Iain, As he stopped in front of me bowing down with Gratitude he said: "thank you, thank you, changed my life." I felt so humbled and touched, my Heart wide open as I continued my journey. In this moment I felt so blessed to be part of"

Iain & RenateWe are slowly extending our reach in terms of being broadcast on Satellite and Cable TV and are now being shown on TV channels in the UK, Russia, Austria, Greece, South Africa and India. If you have any contacts who you feel may be open to broadcast then do let us know. We also have several more transcripts available to view; please do let us know if you are interested in helping out with this, or indeed anything else. Those that do help with the transcripts all say that it is an interesting and rewarding process.

Hopefully there will be a new book containing more of our interviews released later in 2017. This follows on from our two previous books, ‘Conversations on Non-Duality and ‘Conversations on The Enneagram which were both well received.

SKY and FREESAT in the UK
Our programmes are currently being shown between 3am and 5am on Information TV which is Channel No 212 on SKY and 161 on FREESAT. We do realise that this is rather late, but you can always record them to watch at a more civilized time!

We have two email newsletters. The first is a general Newsletter that we send out every few months (this one) and the second is our 'New Programme News which means you will be notified every time a new programme is available to watch on the channel. Do email us on if you would like to be included on either, or both of these.

Transcripts Of Programmes
Many of our programmes have been transcribed and you can view the transcripts at: ipts.php. This is an on-going process and is done on a volunteer basis. We are very grateful to those of you who have helped already with this project. We would like to increase the number of transcripts available. Do you think you may be able to help? If so, then please email:

Audio Versions Of Programmes
Many of our programmes have also been converted to audio only downloadable files. You can find them through this link:

Twitter and Facebook
You can find us on Facebook and Twitter where we post updates for the new programmes:

Conscious TV's Facebook page:

You can join our Facebook open group where you can share related posts and connect with other viewers:

Conscious TV on Twitter:@ConsciousTV_UK

As always we really do welcome any feedback or ideas you may have and are very interested in suggested topics and guests for future programmes. Contact us at: if you have anything or anyone you would like to suggest.

Help Spread The Word!
If you enjoy watching and can think of others who may also appreciate the programmes then do please send them a copy of this newsletter so they too can discover our interviews.

All the very best and may 2017 be a very special year for you all.

Iain and Renate

These are the programmes available to view since the last Newsletter.

Mary Reed The Journey Of An Unwitting Mystic Interview by Iain McNay
Michael A. Rodriguez The Uncreated Light Of Awareness Interview by  Renate McNay
Cynthia Bourgeault Seeing With The Eyes Of The Heart Interview by Renate McNay
John Butler Discovering Stillness – Part 1 Interview by Iain McNay
Ginger Gilmour Bright Side Of The Moon Interview by Iain McNay
Mick Collins My Crisis And Transformation Interview by Iain McNay
Chloe Goodchild The Voice Of Silence Interview by Renate McNay
Andrew Rawlinson The Hit Interview by Iain McNay
Stephen Fulder Awakening Arrives By Itself Interview by Iain McNay
Gabor Harsanyi The Master Of Silence Interview by Iain McNay
Georgi Y Johnson and Bart Ten Berge  Anxiety And Awakening Moderated by Iain and Renate McNay
Martyn Wilson The State Of No Thought Interview by Iain McNay
Nurit Oren The Blonde On The Rocky Road to Freedom Interview by Iain McNay
Georgi Y Johnson I AM HERE Interview by Renate McNay
Russel Williams Looking Through The Horses Eyes Interview by Iain McNay

Latest transcripts all done by volunteers:

Christine Jensen Trauma and Awakening Interview by Renate McNay
Debra Wilkinson Awake and Ready Interview by Iain McNay
Eimear Moran A Feather On The Breath Of God Interview by Renate McNay
Francis Bennett The Key to Happiness Interview by Iain McNay
Francoise Tibika Molecular Consciousness Interview by Iain McNay
Gabor Harsanyi The Master Of Silence Interview by Iain McNay
Georgi Y Johnson I Am Here Interview by Renate McNay
Heath Thompson Returning To The Source Is Stillness Interview by Iain McNay
Heath Thompson, Debra Wilkinson, Rory O'Connor You Have To Want To Be Free Interview by Renate and Iain McNay
Jah Wobble Riding the Sonic Boom to Heaven Interview by Iain McNay
Jenny Boyd Staring Into The Face Of God Interview by Iain McNay
Jo Berry and Pat Magee Building Bridges Interview by Iain McNay
John Rowan The Centaur, Subtle, Causal and Non-Dual Interview by Iain McNay
Karen Johnson The Aliveness of Presence Interview by Iain McNay
Michael A. Rodriguez The Uncreated Light of Awareness Interview by Renate McNay
Mukti The Embodiment of Enlightenment Interview by Renate McNay
Nicholas Hagger +A + -A = The Great Nothing Interview by Iain McNay
Nurit Oren The Blonde on the Rocky Road to Freedom Interview by Iain McNay
Philip Jacobs The Pathless Path Interview by Iain McNay
Rory O'Connor I Can't Do This Anymore Interview by Iain McNay
Russel Williams Looking Through the Horse's Eyes Interview by Iain McNay
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