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Dr Eric Pearl - Reconnective Healing

Interview by Renate McNay

Renate:  Hello, and welcome to Conscious TV.  My name is Renate McNay and my guest today is Dr Eric Pearl.  Hello, Eric. 

Eric:  Hello. 

Renate:  Nice to have you here. 

Eric:  Thank you for having me. 

Renate:  Eric is a healer and author, and he discovered The Reconnection and the Reconnective Healing process.  He has a fascinating book out which is The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.  And he's also featured on this DVD, "The Living Matrix," which I absolutely loved.  I saw it two years ago, but Eric just told me it's out of date, and we will talk with him about it.  So, Eric, tell me about the Reconnective Healing process and The Reconnection.  What is that, just to inform our viewers? 

Eric:  Well, The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing is a new level of healing, an evolution that allows us to reconnect with our original fullness of who we are, of what we intend to experience in between lifetimes.  What many people who have died and come back to life have talked about is the experience of that light.  We reconnect fully with ourselves spiritually in between lifetimes.  Our striving here is to be able to live that spiritual existence while we are also in this physical form, and that's what The Reconnection allows us to do.  As a by-product of that, it tends to bring about healings that are very, very, very different than just the energy healings we've had on this planet up until now, the old ones and even the new ones that are coming out every month.  Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, X,Y,Z, E,F,G, all of those things, and allows us to access healings that tend to happen fairly instantaneously and tend to last for a person's lifetime. 

Renate:  It sounds wonderful.  So how did you discover that?  What happened?  I know I was reading in your book that your mother on the delivery table had the after-life experience… the after-death experience, and she went through all of these levels to the supreme. 

Eric:  Mm-hm. 

Renate:  Is this the message she brought back? 

Eric:  No.  These are actually two different things.  I mean, they might be related, but is the question "What happened with my mother during the birth process?" or is the question "How did I discover this"? 

Renate:  Well, tell me how you discovered it. 

Eric:  OK.  I went home from my office one Thursday night, and about an hour or so after I had gone to sleep that night, I was awakened by a very bright light.  I opened my eyes to see what it was, and it wasn't anything seemingly spiritual or metaphysical.  It was just the lamp next to my bed; it had turned itself on somehow.  I had that lamp for a good ten years.  It hadn't selected any other propitious occasion to self-ignite, but there it was.  At the same time, it felt as if there was somebody in my house.  I can't tell you what kind of an awkward feeling that is.  Let's just say I got up with a knife, a can of pepper spray and my Doberman Pinscher, and I went hunting through my home to see who was there.  After about 20 minutes of not finding anyone, I sort of convinced myself it had to be my imagination, and I went back to bed.  But that Monday when I went into my office, seven of my patients independently of one another offered up and insisted that they felt people in the room with us just the way I had been feeling people in my home.  Some said it felt as if people were standing and watching, some said walking around, some said running around, and two of them actually looked me straight in the eye and said it felt like someone was flying around the ceiling.  Now, seven patients in one day, after 12 years of nobody ever saying this, you would think would have gotten my attention.  But other patients were saying, "I can feel your hands before you touch me" which, of course, I didn't believe.  So I told them to lie down and close their eyes.  I held my hands several different directions, meters away from them, and they could tell me where my palms were facing.  Right shoulder, left ankle.  So it sort of became a game because, well, it was my office and I could have whatever games I wanted.  And as I played with this, I would see tiny, tiny, tiny involuntary muscles in their face begin to ripple the way water in a pond would ripple if you dropped a pebble into it; ways that we can't do intentionally.  Moving tiny little muscles that we can't move intentionally.  It would ripple across their forehead, ripple across their chins, pull at their lips, pull at their eyebrows.  Their eyes would rapidly dart back and forth and back and forth.  Their fingers would move, their feet would move. 

Renate:  So when you saw that, what did you feel? 

Eric:  A little bit of awe.  A little bit of shock.  And a great deal of wonder. 

Renate:  So let's just say that at that point you had a very successful chiropractic practice for 12 years.  You were a very successful chiropractor? 

Eric:  Oh, yeah.  A very large practice. 

Renate:  And so your patients came to you for adjustments? 

Eric:  So this is not what they were expecting. 

Renate:  Sure, yeah. 

Eric:  When these healings first started happening, my patients were coming in to see a chiropractor, and I thought I was one.  So you couldn't better double-blind a study than that.   Later on, when people started coming in from halfway around the world, they were often pulled and dragged by someone who was in their family, for example, and they would sit in front of me and say, "You know what?  I don't believe in this."  And I would say, "You don't have to believe in it.  Why don't you say to yourself: maybe it's garbage and maybe it's real, but whatever it is, it's a rare and unique opportunity for you to lay down and rest your eyes for a half an hour in the middle of the day, so take it."  And these people would have healings.  If anyone didn't have a healing, if anyone didn't have a recognizable healing, it was the person not who didn't believe in it.  It was the person who came in believing in it too much.  The one who said, "I know this works.  It has to work.  I'm wearing all of the right crystals in all of the right places on my body, and I'm sleeping with all of the right books under my mattress", and everything.  They were so attached and needing this to work that for them sometimes that attachment was the interference itself.  And people who didn't believe in it, well, it's hard to be attached to something if you don't believe it exists in the first place. 

Renate:  Yeah.  So Eric, what happened on that night when the light went on and you found out the next day you could heal, you could perform miracles?  What happened to you? 

Eric:  Well, I hadn't quite found it out yet, because where I took us in the story is where people's bodies were responding… and their eyes moving and such.  But when they would open their eyes, that's when they started reporting the healings, real healings.  Getting up out of the wheelchairs.  Some of them vision and hearing returning.  People showing me laboratory results where their cancer tumours had vanished.  Parents and doctors of children calling me and saying, "What did you do?"  Because the children with cerebral palsy and epilepsy were able to walk and run and play and speak normally and not require medications and not have seizures.  And I would say, "I didn't do anything, and don't tell anybody," which went over about as big as Nancy Reagan just saying no to drugs.  You know, soon everyone started coming in going, "I'll have what she had."  And that was when people began to ask me to teach this.  And I said, "Teach it?  You've got to be crazy.  I'm standing there waving my hands in the air looking like an idiot.  So you go outside and wave your hands in the air and let me know what your neighbours have to say about it." 

But more and more of my patients would call and they would say, "Well, I drove home from your office and I drove up in front of my house, and the automatic garage door opened before I hit the little button to open it".  Or "I walked inside the house and the lamp or the TV started turning on and off and on and off.  I felt sensations in my hands.  I would hold my hands towards someone in the family and the grandfather could walk again after the stroke or the uncle regained his hearing”.  And that's when we began to find that, once you interact with this new, more comprehensive level of healing that takes us beyond energy and energy, light and information, something changes within us that not only allows for our healing, but allows for us to be able to facilitate healings for others. 

Renate:  So does that mean we come in contact with a higher level of consciousness? 

Eric:  I believe so. 

Renate:  Yeah.  So when you discovered that, did you feel there was a shift in your perception through the different energy, through the different frequency when all of a sudden this came through you?  Did it do anything with you… with your perception? 

Eric:  It changed my perception about the world.  I mean, I was just in wonder and awe watching and following it, and I started to pay attention to everything.  I used to believe that people fell into three categories:  people who did not believe in anything beyond the basic five senses, people who were open to maybe there was something, and people who believed.  I suddenly fell into a fourth category.  I knew.  I interacted with it.  Because that was only the beginning.  The story became stranger from there. 

Renate:  How strange? 

Eric:  How strange?  How strange.  A sip of water strange.  Well, one day a few months into it one of my patients who hadn't been into my office for about a half a year came in expecting the regular chiropractic.  And after I adjusted him - I would always tell the patients to close their eyes and relax - I held my hands near his head.  His head jerked back, his eyes rolled to the top of his skull, his mouth opened, his tongue began to move, air came out.  And you could see the way his tongue was moving, it was forming vowels.  You could tell he was somehow trying to speak, yet no words came out.  I was fascinated by it all, but I had to stop playing with him because all of my other patients were waiting for me, so the game had to come to an end.  And when it was over, I touched him lightly and I said, "I think we're finished now," and he looked at me and I looked at him, and he didn't say anything.  So I didn't say anything.  I didn't know what to say.  I just sort of let it go and thought about it a lot.  When he came back for a second visit later that week, the same thing happened again, except for the air sounds that were leaving his mouth this time condensed themselves into a voice, and the voice said, "We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing.  What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet."  Then he said a couple of other things.  I don't remember what.  And I had to stop him again because my patients were waiting for me, my other patients.  He explained he had this voice coming through him since he was a child, but only two people in his life knew about it and he didn't really want anyone to know about it, but it sort of came out of him then.  I said, "All right.  It's something unique to this person."  But two days later it happened to three other patients.  Their heads jerked, their eyes rolled, the mouth opened, the tongue moved, air came out, and I was not going to sit around and wait for a double-blind study.  I knew that on their next visit they were going to speak.  So I started calling well-known metaphysical people around the world, and I got directed to this French woman in Beverly Hills who was supposed to have all of the answers.  I called her up.  I explained what was happening.  She told me to come over, she'd explain it to me.  I thought it would be something simple. 

Renate:  So you were very desperate to find an answer to what was happening? 

Eric:  I wouldn't use the word ‘desperate’ as much as I'd use the word ‘highly curious’. 

Renate:  Highly curious, yeah.  You must have felt also quite alone with the whole thing. 

Eric:  Alone.  No, that's one thing I didn't feel.  I didn't feel alone because there were all of those things happening.  I felt very much surrounded by consciousness, by… by consciousness that's existing on other planes that was able to watch and observe on this plane. 

Renate:  So you felt held? 

Eric:  At least observed… yeah, and being communicated with.  So I show up at this woman's house, and I figure I'd let her feel this because it's very easy to feel and when she felt it she could explain what was going on.  But that wasn't what she had in mind.  Instead what she did was she placed a crystal in each one of my hands, told me to hold my arms out like this.  I'm already feeling ridiculous there doing it, and then she brings out this giant piece of poster board with this huge star on.  Every section of the star is filled in with intensely bright different colours.  And just in case that wasn't strange enough, she cut out photographs of eyes and glued it all over for effect.  She wants to take me through basic colour visualization, and I have something real going on in my life.  I don't have time for this.  But a friend of mine dropped me off there, so I couldn't really leave.  She tells me to study the colours in the stars and then close my eyes, which I did, and then visualize the colours in the star.  So I don't know about you, but when I close my eyes the only colour I see is a charcoal grey.  She's saying, "Picture the blue in the star."  I'm seeing charcoal.  "Picture the yellow, the green, the purple."  Charcoal, charcoal, charcoal.  Finally, she goes, "Visualize gold.  Everything is gold.  Golden sky, golden ground, golden mountain, golden waterfall.  Walk under the golden waterfall and feel the golden waterfall falling on you."  And I'm thinking: Any moment now I'm going slap this woman.  She goes, "Now, look up in the sky and picture this giant, gold eye.  You're going to ask it a question."  And I looked at her and asked her, "How is it going to answer me?  It's an eye."  She goes, "Don't worry.  I'll tell you what to ask."  She goes, "Ask the eye how many strands of DNA you have."  So I looked at her again, and I said, "I'm a doctor.  I know how many strands of DNA."  I said, "There are two strands of DNA, one strand of RNA."  I explained the double helix.  She said, "Now ask the eye."  So I closed my eyes trying to visualize an eye I can't see to ask it a question that it can't answer me because it's an eye, not a mouth, the answer to which is two.  This woman wants to hear something else.  How can I leave without being rude?  And when I get downstairs, I don't have a ride home because a friend dropped me off.  And as all of this is going through my head, I open my eyes again, and my mouth said, "I have three.  There are 12 strands of DNA, 12."  Now, I had no idea why I answered that way.  No one told me this was a two-part question.  She immediately launches into a story about that I'm a Pleiadian, she felt, and that the Pleiadians used to inhabit the planet here and the Earth was a way-station for travellers throughout the Universe for light and information and relaxation and learning, etc. and that there became a rift and a split between the two Pleiadean groups.  One group's scientists disconnected ten of our original 12 strands of DNA, and those of us who are back today are here to bring light and information back onto the planet with our third strand.  And I'm going, "Holy…" you know what.  This stuff came out of my mouth.  I go back to my office the next day, and those three other patients, the same thing happened:  Their head jerked, their eyes rolled, the mouth opened, the tongue moved, air came out.  The air condensed itself into a voice.  And it said the first two phrases that Fred said the first time, my patient, "We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing.  What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet."  Then two of the people added, "What you're doing is reconnecting strands."  One of them said, "What you're doing is reconnecting strings," and the first patient came back in later that week and said, "What you are doing is reconnecting strings."  Over the next three months, over 50 - five, zero - different patients lost consciousness and spoke six verbatim phrases, which at first I thought: Well, we're bringing in light and information.  Where's the information?  Everyone keeps repeating these same phrases.  But then it stopped after three months, and I started to study the phrases, and they began to give me some of the insights into this new level of healing. 

Renate:  And how was that for you? 

Eric:  Umm, it wasn't the easiest thing for me.  Because it's like when people say, "You don't need to ask for the answer.  The answer is inside of you", I don't know where to look.  But I did somehow over time begin to recognize the connections, especially as more information came up about this.  For instance, the scientists, the researchers, started saying that this is a new level of healing that hasn't been here on the planet before.  And I said, "How can you say that?  That's such a bold statement."  They said, "It really makes sense if you understand two basic concepts.  First of all, we're four-dimensional.  We are height, width, depth and time".  So in quantum physics they illustrate that as a bubble.  Say here's our tiny little bubble of existence.  The wall or the cell of the bubble is comprised of height, width, depth and time.  Everything inside of the bubble that we've had access to here has been energy.  Just as we've learned, everything has been energy.  But time, a part of our bubble, is expanding.  So as our bubble expands and becomes larger, it encompasses more of what's always existed in the Universe but has not been here before.  So it's new here to us.  It expands beyond energy and the energy healing techniques into levels of light and information that have not been here before now.  What was the first phrase?  "We're here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing."  It doesn't mean do the same old thing, but to continue something is to allow it to move forward, or to move into a continuum beyond the energy into light and information. 

And the second phrase was, "What you're doing is bringing light and information onto the planet."  The third and fourth phrases were "What you're doing is reconnecting strands" and "What you're doing is reconnecting strings."  Strands I knew from the experience I just shared with you had to be DNA.  Strings I thought were the same thing:  Strandy, stringy things.  It was many years later, multiple years later that I found out about string theory.  Simultaneous planes of existence.  We're here now, here having this presentation.  Something else may be going on in this space 500 years ago.  We don't see them, they don't see us.  Something else might be going on here 2500 years from now.  We don't see them and maybe they do see us because who was it, who reached through the illusion of the fabric of time and space to turn over 50 different human beings into living broadcast systems for the same six sentences?  Somebody somewhere - I don't know who.  Some intelligence somewhere found it important enough.  And if they didn't, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing.  The book that you showed everyone, The Reconnection, is in 36 different languages.  I've trained over maybe 75,000 people in full-weekend seminars around the world.  I've spoken to millions of people so far.  We're going to be showing people how to do this in September here [2012].  The work, fascinatingly enough, is not about me.  It's a gift that can be transmitted.  When we teach this work, when we teach these seminars, usually it's on a Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  I'm on the road 45 weeks a year teaching this. 

Renate:  Yeah.  I was wondering about how can you cope with that?  I looked at your schedule on your Website and you're zig-zagging constantly the world. 

Eric:  Constantly.  I just came in from South America.

Renate:  And I thought how does this body cope with it? 

Eric:  I don't know.  Because I have a mission, and I'm doing it.  I have a mission and I'm going to do it.  And nothing else matters. 

Renate:  What is the mission? 

Eric:  For us to recognize that there is no special healer in any one, far off corner of the world; that we can each fully access – fully - that level of healing.  See, what happens is, for example, in September [2012] I'll be teaching in London.  We'll do a Friday night, a Saturday and Sunday seminar.  Friday night we do a three-hour presentation open to the public where we talk about the history, the theory, the philosophy and the science of the work.  Then we bring up some volunteers from the audience to give live demonstrations of the healing so you can see the reality of it on yourself, maybe, or on someone that you know.  And we give everyone an opportunity to feel this in your hands.  Saturday and Sunday is always a very different thing, however.  It's a real working seminar, and I always tell people don't come - and I mean it - don't come if you think we're all going to sit around and hold hands and ohm and sing "Kumbaya My Lord" because it won't happen that way. 

We demonstrate a level of the work from the stage and we go to massage tables.  One person lies down.  And let's say you're there at the table, you stand up.  I take your hand and help glide you through being able to tune in and feel and find these frequencies, and you will start to see the person on the table respond.  Their eyes move back and forth, or their fingers involuntarily move.  We would show you how to find a different level of the frequency.  You will start to see their feet move differently.  We go back and forth talking about the philosophy of what we're doing, demonstrating the work, practicing the work.  But, by the end of any one given weekend doing this, I can pretty much make you two promises, which are:  A) you will be able to do everything and anything in the way of healing that I can do because I am not special and unique; and B) you will be able to do anything and everything in the way of healing that any human being anywhere on this planet can do, whether they were raised by monks in a cave in a mountain top in Tibet, they were fed grains of seed each one blessed by its own individual Yogi, you know, or whether they moved to a church in Brazil and changed their perfectly good family name to "Of God." It doesn't matter the story. 

Today what matters is our willingness to transcend the story, to demystify the healing process.  The gift of this is that it allows us to demystify the healing process.  The challenge is to our ego whether or not we're willing to.  Or the gift is that this allows us to transcend the complexity of energy healing techniques and all of the fear-based protections and rituals, and the challenge is whether or not we're willing to.  If we're not willing to demystify the healing process and allow it to become clear and transparent for everyone, we need to ask ourselves why.  If we're not willing to transcend the complex techniques to reach a level where we can facilitate greater healings for people, we need to ask ourselves why.  And if we're not willing to ask ourselves why, then we need to ask ourselves why we're not willing to ask ourselves why.  Because it is the key in that question that allows us to attain our own levels of mastery. 

Renate:  Yeah.  Well… there’re so many questions.  First of all, I think why people might not allow it, is because of fear going into the unknown.  I mean, it's very brave of you opening yourself up to the unknown.  And I remember a quote you had where Deepak Chopra told you, "Remain childlike."  And that is the key.  You need to find the innocence.  And I appreciate you being against all of this new-agey rituals and crystals and so forth. 

Eric:  I'm not against it.  It's just that we are evolving beyond it today with the limitations of that have become recognized.  It's sort of like training wheels on a bicycle.  There've been training wheels on a bicycle.  I'm not opposed to training wheels on a bicycle.  It's a good thing to help you find your balance until you master the bicycle with training wheels.  But, once you master the bicycle with training wheels, we don't keep adding training wheels to the bicycle.  We remove the training wheels because that's the only way we'll ever master the bicycle itself.  In the energy healing field, they keep adding training wheels.  Learn this technique, learn this technique, learn this technique, instead of removing the techniques, recognizing that the true gift of the technique comes only in its transcendence. 

Renate:  Behind all of that is fear.

Eric:  Right.

Renate:  Fear of failure. 

Eric:  Fear of failure because they'd have to stand on their own.  You're familiar with Gary Zukav, right? 

Renate:   Yes. 

Eric:  All right.  Gary Zukav and his wife, Linda Francis, speak about the frightened part of our personality, which is sort of their code word for the ego; because when we speak about the ego it brings up a lot of resistance and baggage.  When we recognize it as the frightened part of our personality, we can look at it a bit more easily, lovingly and decide to support it into moving beyond the fear, into moving beyond the ego, the ego that says, I've learned this technique and I've learned this technique and I have my certificates.  And we take all of our internal power and move it outside of ourselves and make it external based on all of those things. 

Renate:  I just remembered a very sweet story, which actually is true and somebody told me.  There was this couple walking along the beach, somewhere in America, and they saw this body lying further up on the beach.  And they went there, and it was a woman who seemed to have drowned.  And they were very excited and tried to bring this body back and did everything they could imagine to make this body alive.  And then this man came walking, and he looked, he bent down, he touched the body, and this woman opened her eyes.  And this couple, "Wow, what did you just do?  How did you know that you could do that?"  And the guy looked at them and said, "Never anybody told me I couldn't."  There is that inner sense.  And that reminds me… my daughter-in-law just did in Salzburg a week-end with you and when she came home - she's a medical doctor and she has started to work with the energy now - my little granddaughter who is five said, "Mommy, what did you just learn?"  And Christina showed her the movements, and Lorraine said, "Let me try that."  And she went to Christina's head and then down and just started to play with the energy.  Then Christina's eyes started to flutter.  Her whole body started to vibrate and shake.  Her breathing became heavy and Christina… and Lorraine took her further and further back. 

Eric:  And it became stronger. 

Renate:  And it became stronger.  And Christina was almost in agony and wanted it to stop because she became freezing cold, and my son had to put blankets on her.  Then Lorraine [left] went up the stairs and started to heal all of the plants.  It was just a complete flow. 

Eric:  Children learn this much more immediately.  When we teach adults, it's 2 ½ days.  When we teach children how to do it, it's about 2 ½ hours.  Because children… well, first of all, we look at our children as if they are empty vessels placed here on the planet for us to fill with everything we know. 

Renate:  That's right.    

Eric:  Maybe it's time for us to look at them as empty vessels placed here on the planet for us to learn how to become empty vessels once again.  The children don't enter into this with their egos.  They don't enter into this saying, I already know this, and I already know that and I already know the others, and I need to shake off the negative energy, and I need to do this and I need to do that.  So the children just access this fairly instantaneously.  And that's what's so beautiful about teaching the Reconnective Kids classes.  It's so instantaneous for this, as your story just demonstrated. 

Renate:  And do you also experience actual deep healings are happening when children play with the energy? 

Eric:  Absolutely.  They do it just as well as the adults.  In the seminars we teach that as a practitioner you should charge money for your healing sessions, and the reason is so that people are in fair exchange with you.  They feel comfortable enough, worthy enough - if you want to use a word such as that - to accept and receive their own healings, and they support you in being able to continue giving more healings to others in the process, that giving and receiving.  And I teach children to charge the same thing as adults because their gift is just as valuable.  Just as valuable. 

Renate:  So where does all of that go?  Why you? 

Eric:  Oh, Lord only knows why me.  I wouldn't have chosen me.  I know my past.  I know my present.  I'm certainly very happy to go out and have a couple of extra gin and tonics at night.  I have a sarcastic sense of humour.  I'm not always as patient as I would like to be.  I'm simply not the typical healer. 

Renate:  Spiritual guy…? 

Eric:  Spiritual person, yeah.  I would like to be a little bit more like that, but I'm not.  It's not my nature.  And so I would think: "Why me?"  I came up with two possible reasons.  One, I can take a topic such as this, which is quite on the edge, and explain it in a way where people want to listen.  I speak in hospitals and universities.  I speak at governments, at congresses, in Parliaments.  We just came back from addressing the head Ministers at the Parliament in Budapest, as well as speaking to the main public. 

Renate:  What do you tell them? 

Eric:  Pretty much the same thing I'm telling you.  It just depends on the presentation.  It shifts a little bit.

Renate:  What does the government do with this information? 

Eric:  Because they want to be better people making better choices, better relationships with the people of the country.  Better choices that have to do with taking care of the land, taking care of the people, healing relationships between different peoples within a country where there are conflicts that lie.  The concept of reconnection is not just about physical healings.  It's about more multidimensional existence than what's going on. 

Renate:  But to make better decisions, something in your mind also needs to change. 

Eric:  But your consciousness does change.  Remember, we were talking about strings and strands, reconnecting strings, reconnecting strands.  Well, think for a minute how does a computer work?  You have a metal box which does pretty much nothing by itself.  You put a software program into it, you get information out of the computer, and you access that Internet field out there somewhere.  Upgrade the software, better information from inside the computer and better access to that Internet field out there somewhere.  What if our brains are our hardware?  What if our DNA is our software?  We already know that the information within our brains is diffuse and that we access information from this field out there called Zero Point Field.  There's a wonderful book written on it by Lynne McTaggart, a local journalist here in the London area called The Field, and she goes into a lot of research about it and condenses the scientific language into the English language, which is nice. 

But we access that information just like the computer accesses the Internet.  So what if through The Reconnection we are doing what over five international studies so far have demonstrated, with the sixth one being planned, that we are restructuring, as they put it, or reconnecting, as I call it, the DNA; that we are actually facilitating a human software upgrade that allows not only for better access of the information that's within, but better access to that Zero Point Field, to our multidimensional existence.  Since we go where our attention is, this allows us to become more multidimensional beings.  I believe we're on the precipice of human evolution.  One tiny, tiny, tiny little gift that comes along with it are the physical healings.  Another gift is a greater awareness and consciousness for when we make choices and decisions.  So it heals relationships on many different levels.  It throws you onto your life course maybe even faster than you think that you're ready to go.  It works in different ways. For instance, we're starting working with some of the prison systems teaching prison inmates how to do the healing because, when they are focused on healing others, their attention is least on themselves and they receive their own healing in the process.  When they are released back out into mainstream they don't come out feeling valueless.  They come out recognizing they've got something to offer, and it helps them integrate better into society.

Renate:  Sure.  Because it brings them in contact with themselves.  Yeah. It makes me speechless. 

Eric:  You promised you wouldn't go speechless because then I'd have to start talking again. 

Renate:  I would like to feel your energy. [holds her hand out] 

Eric:  I'd love it.  Come slide towards me. 

Renate:  We just have to watch the microphones. 

Eric:  Okay.  We'll do that.  Just open your fingers for me. [holds his hand parallel to Renate’s] 

Renate:  Yes. 

Eric:  That's good.  Now, I bring my hands in, and I don't know if the camera can see this or not, but your whole hand starts to vibrate. [hands are not touching]

Renate:  Yes.  I already vibrated when I got in contact with you. 

Eric:  And then what I do is I sort of stretch this out [energy], and as I stretch and I pull with it, the sensation changes?  Or does it…? 

Renate:  Yes.
Eric:  How?
Renate:  Well, I feel a pulling here.  So it's like you started pulling an energy out, and this side [palm of the hand] seems to be so much softer. 

Eric:  Uh-huh.  What does the sensation feel like? 

Renate:  Now, I can feel that the energy's circling. 

Eric:  And as I started moving my hands… your middle finger started moving vertically up and down, which is not the normal way that the fingers move. 

Renate:  I feel I have my hands in… my hand in the light. 

Eric:  Uh-huh.  So is it real, or your imagination? 

Renate:  It's real. 

Eric:  It's a trick question.  [both laugh]

Renate:  So this energy works on different levels.  We have greater awareness, greater consciousness.  Therefore, our body starts healing, maybe.  Not everybody, I guess… 

Eric:  No well, you know, in the very beginning people would say to me: "Does everyone have a healing"?  And I would say, "No, maybe about 70 percent."  Because I thought of a healing as does everyone come in receiving the same results they expect?  But, with time I've started seeing that sometimes, if you're lucky, you get the results you come in anticipating.  If you're truly fortunate, you end up with results you haven't even dreamed of, results that the Universe simply had in mind for you.  So I now recognize… I feel that I recognize that everyone seems to have a healing.  It's just sometimes it comes in the form you expected, sometimes it comes in another form.  Sometimes it happens immediately.  Sometimes it happens a little bit over time.  And once in a while you might not notice anything.  And even then so often things show up just a little bit later, that I tend to believe that everyone does have a healing from it. 

Renate:  You say in your book, "You are this healing energy." 

Eric:  This becomes you, and you become it. 

Renate:  So it brings up the question:  Why do we then still have to touch?
Eric:  We don't.
Renate:  If I am this energy, then everything around me must be able to vibrate. 

Eric:  But we didn't touch. 

Renate:  No.  No, I mean me walking down the street now. 

Eric:  Why do we have to, like, choose to interact with another person? 

Renate:  Yes, yes. 

Eric:  Because I think that's a part of the gift today of moving through the frightened part of our personality, of moving through the ego, that we have to learn to bring ourselves to exactly the same level as another person to share with them, and that is a struggle for some of us because in the new age there's a lot of ego that is hidden behind a lot of statements about being without ego, but it's a lot of ego that's hidden behind those statements.  And, yes, I can just ohm it in, and I can tune it in.  I, I, I.  Me, me, me. It's all about me.  Well, actually, no, I think today the universe is coming about to saying: Until you truly put yourself on a par with someone else and share at that level, only then will you move to the next level. 

Renate:  Did you find that easy to do by the time you…
Eric:  I found it automatic to do.
Renate:  So you didn't have to go through a process? 

Eric:  Yeah, I went through my initial process.  It's what seemed to then turn the light on and wake me up.  And then I discovered this in the process of exploring the Reconnective Healing. 

Renate:  So where does it all go? 

Eric:  Back to where it all came from:  God, love and the Universe, whatever you're happiest with. 

Renate:  Do you think we [will] make the shift in time? 

Eric:  I think so.  I definitely think so. 

Renate:  So more and more people are going to reconnect with who they are? 

Eric:  I believe that that's our purpose.  I believe that we're being… I don't want to say tested, but that we're being observed to see if enough of us wake up to recognizing the value of this to bring it onto the earth.  And that once enough of us do, then we won't any longer need to teach this work.  It will become second nature.  We'll pass it on to our children.  We'll pass it on to friends. 

Renate:  So it will reach its own momentum? 

Eric:  Right. 

Renate:  It's like the hundredth monkey theory.  We get all infected by it.  So earlier you said - I really loved watching this DVD - but you said it's a little bit out of date.  Are we on to something new? 

Eric:  I don't think that the DVD… Well, let me see how best to say this.  I think that today we are evolving beyond most of the approaches that are on that DVD.  They are wonderful people and I love what the researchers say and I love Lynne McTaggart in it who always gives wonderful information and some of the others, but I think we're moving beyond the need for drops under our tongues.  I think we're moving beyond the need to eat certain specific types of diets.  I think we're evolving beyond the need to use some form of healing where you have to do it again and again and again and again over a period of months.  Today, if we allow ourselves, the healings - as with Reconnective Healing - tend to be fairly instantaneous and fairly lifelong.  That's what this change, this movement into… well, I could say into 2012, but I have to say that 2012 is a jump for us, but it's not the first jump.  It's not the last jump.  You know, we had a jump in time in 1987.  We had a jump expanding in time in 2002.  We have 2012.  There will be more.  We're not going to suddenly pick up the bed sheets on December 21st, 2012 and scream because we've turned invisible.  We might scream for another reason, but that will be another interview.  I think that we're going to look back at that time and we're going to not notice anything dramatic instantaneously, but say in three years, six years, 12 years, go back and say:  Now look at the shift of human consciousness that's taken place.  But we'll already be focused on the next change.  That's what this is about, continuing evolution. 

Renate:  It's about evolution, yes. 

Eric:  Right. 

Renate:  So what does the whole medical establishment say about you?  They must be frightened.  They must be frightened to lose their job. 

Eric:  The whole medical establishment doesn't say any one thing because it's not, you know, one animal.  We've trained about 20,000 people in mainstream healthcare, doctors, nurses, physical therapists.  Reconnective Healing is practiced in private practices and in hospitals.  Of course, you know, they say that progress marches forward one funeral at a time.  So the more… younger, newer thinking doctors come into place replacing the older, more curmudgeonly doctors, you know, the sooner this new consciousness will take over.  It's not to be here instead of medicine or instead of any other healthcare system.  It's just that by bringing this into our healthcare systems, our healthcare disciplines, we become better people and, therefore, we become better delivery systems for healthcare. 

Renate:   Yes.  So people who are watching this interview, how can they feel this energy?  Can they pick it up through watching us, through watching you? 

Eric:  They may.  Some people's sensitivity may pick this up through what we're doing right now. 

Renate:   How can they feel it?  What are the signs? 

Eric:  Well, let's try it this way.  The book, The Reconnection, the last third of the book is a basic how-to which teaches you ways to begin to feel this.  Now, the book does not make you a practitioner any more than reading a book on hairdresser or brain surgery makes you a stylist or a brain surgeon.  But it gives you the basics to begin to bring this in on a personal level for yourself, maybe your immediate family.  The best way would be to interact with a practitioner and, of course, on, on the website there's a directory of practitioners where people can find someone in their area.  We've got a practitioner named Luca Occelli who is the main representative here in London, and people can find through the directory how to find a practitioner and experience this.  But it really is a one-on-one experience.  You'll experience parts of this just by playing with this, even by watching this broadcast, but to truly experience it, you want to experience it with another person.  It has to do with that level of sharing, that level of coming together on equal balance with another human being.  It's a true unveiling of the soul.  It allows us to share safely at the same time in a space where we might otherwise feel the most vulnerable. 

Renate:  What's your biggest challenge? 

Eric:  I'm pedalling as fast as I can with whatever time I've got here on Earth.  I think if I'm here to… if I accomplish what I'm here to do, when I leave this body this work will continue.  The key to this, the biggest challenge to this, is changing the mind-set of the ego and the I, I, I, me, me, me that's in healing today to recognizing that we are all connected; that our gift here is compassion; that we're here to recognize that when one child cries in one part of the world, 100 children weep in another part of the world.  That we are that connected.  The philosophy of the work is a challenge.  So I'm driven by the philosophy and the desire to communicate and share that philosophy in a way that we feel safe enough to release the ego and evolve up and into the philosophy.  You know who it's most difficult with?  The energy healing teachers.  Because the technique teachers are the ones who are most stone locked into the techniques and the training wheels.  They are the ones who say: “Learn this technique and then learn that level, learn that level.  Come back next year.  Write me another check.  My husband would love to deposit it, and I'll teach you another level of the technique”. 

Well, the masters throughout the ages have always explained to us: "Don't come back.  We're not teaching you in the first place."  They are the ones who explained to us that we are simply stepping into our own mastery by sharing the space of the consciousness.  They don't need us to come back and fill the chairs again.  They need the chairs because they know that there will always be the new student as long as there is truth to be taught.  The technique teachers teach us how to do this, do this, do this.  And the true consciousness of what the masters show us is not to do the healings, but to become the healings.  To recognize that just like when you take a lit candle to light another candle, to light another candle, you never see that flame protecting itself or getting weak in the process.  It actually glows brighter in the process.  It inspires the next flame to ignite and the next and the next by standing in its integrity of the truth and beauty of who and what it is.  When we take a lesson from that and allow ourselves to become more that light, then we will simply inspire.  We'll be the inspiration, the reminder for others that they are a natural light vibration, and as we interact with them, something inside - figuratively speaking - a voice inside of us says, "I remember this.  This is me vibrating as light.  This is me vibrating healthy.  I think I'll do it again".  And as they return to that natural level of light and natural vibration of light, anything more dense, anything heavier than that light has pretty much nothing left to hold onto.  So, if appropriate for that person, it falls away from their life. 

And if we take nothing else home from this interview, let's take home these next two sentences:  A) healing is just that simple.  And B) anything more complicated than that, anything, wands, protections, rituals, stones, aromatherapy, tap, tap, techniques, etc. anything more complicated than that is designed to sell you something.  But the one thing we can't purchase is what we already own, and there we have to look back inside, because every time we buy something, what we're really buying is we're buying into the illusion that we are less than 100 percent, that we need a ritual, we need a symbol, we need a protective necklace or an amulet; that we need, we need, we need.  It's time to come back and instead recognize that we are. 

Renate:  That's a good place to finish, Eric.  Well, I could go on and on with you.  Yes, being ourselves is the most difficult and the most simplest, and that's… 

Eric:  Precisely. 

Renate:  …that's our home.  Well, thank you so much for sharing all of that with us.  I'll just show your book again, which is The Reconnection: Heal Others Heal Yourself.  It's a wonderful read, and also, as you were talking, I was thinking you have Reconnective Healing events in London in September [2012]. Well, I might come and do that. 

Eric:  Very good.  That's September 21 [2012]

Renate:  OK.  Well, thank you for coming, Eric, and thank you for watching Conscious TV, and I see you again soon.  Good-bye. 


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