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David Bingham - Clear Seeing Session demonstration with Eleonora Gilbert

David:  Hello and welcome to  My name is David Bingham. I’m here in the studio with Eleonora Gilbert and we’re going to do a session on Non-Dual Pointing which I’m going to demonstrate to the viewers.  So, hi Eleonora. 

Eleonora:  Hi. 

David:  We know each other already and Eleonora is familiar with the process, but we’re going to be doing it live, which is something that’s never been done before.  So, the way we begin is by just speaking to each other in the subject/object mode.  I am addressing you.  David is addressing you as Eleonora and Eleonora is responding to David.  We begin in that mode which is the normal human mode, the idea that we are the individual.  And then, from there, we move into the Non-Dual mode or the Universal mode of consciousness and the way we do that is by simply noticing that all there is is a field of Infinite Consciousness.  That field of Infinite Consciousness is just here and appearing within the Infinite Field of Consciousness are two human beings; one called Eleonora and one called David. 

What we begin to notice is that there are sounds in the room.  The sound of the camera.  The sound of the fan.  The sound of this voice.  There’s the light being registered also.  So, we notice that all of those things are arising equally within theInfinite Field of Consciousness that we already are.  So, when Eleonora speaks there’s the sound of a voice arising within the Infinite Field of Consciousness.  When David speaks there is the sound of a voice arising within Infinite Consciousness.  So, we’ve moved into that mode now where what we’re noticing is the Unified Field of Consciousness that we are.  That is the field of Consciousness that everyone is and that is our true identity.  We’ve temporarily taken on the mode of human life.  We’ve subscribed to the idea of being a human being, having a human mind, human thoughts and human emotions, but what we truly are is this Infinite Field of Consciousness that is just here and now. 

From that Unified singular Field of Consciousness we can notice that thoughts are arising, that perceptions are arising, that sounds are arising, but they’re all arising singly within this Field of Consciousness.  So, no longer when there is the sound of Eleonora’s voice is it heard as another person, it’s simply heard as the voice that is arising within Infinite Consciousness as this voice is arising within the Singular Field of Consciousness. 

Eleonora:  Ok. 

David:  I can sense that Eleonora is already fully aware of her true nature in that state that the Infinite Field of Consciousness is, the level from which she is now experiencing.  She is fully aware that – in fact we’re using words and we’re saying that Eleonora is fully aware.  What is really fully aware is the Infinite Being that Eleonora is, that David is, that this plant is, and that every single being watching this program is. 

And the next stage in the process of Non-Dual Pointing is – because we’ve noticed that it’s a singular field of consciousness - what we notice and what everyone can notice is that within that singularity all there really is, is love.  Because it’s a singular field of love within which everything is appearing.  So, Eleonora is the Infinite Being.  David is the Infinite Being.  The table is the Infinite Being.  With that clear, open field of awareness, the perception of these apparent separate objects actually amend, in terms of the way they’re perceived, because they’re perceived as being you.  You recognise it as a table, but you know that it’s the Infinite appearing within limitation as a table.  And as a result of that, what arises is love because the love arises as the recognition of unity.  And in the process of Non-Dual pointing what is noticed is that within this Infinite Field of Love there is actually the possibility for the connection between two hearts because the love that is a Singular Field of Love is that which pervades this love, which isn’t personal love.  It’s Universal love and also the Universal Love which is arising in the heart of Eleonora. 

So, from the recognition of this Infinite Field of Consciousness there’s then the recognition of love.  Then there is the recognition that these two emanations of the Infinite are appearing within love which creates a connection of love.  But it actually isn’t a connection because it’s singular - that it is just the Singularity of Universal Love. 

What I’m going to do next is, I’m going to ask Eleonora to speak because as Eleonora describes to me her experience of the Unified State of Consciousness, that gives the opportunity for the minds to connect within the singular cosmic mind - within the singular mind - which then enables the process of the flow so that we’re actually attuned to Infinite Consciousness and that begins to permeate through the mind.

(To Eleonora)  So, if you can just subtly begin to describe the nature of this Unified field in which you reside. 

Eleonora:  The nature of the Unified Field in which I reside… 

David:  What is arising? 

Eleonora:  What I’m experiencing? 

David:  Yes. 

Eleonora:  I’m experiencing peacefulness.  My heartbeat is quite low.  Tingling in the top of my head, the back of my spine… but the biggest thing that I am experiencing is really this peace, this quiet, this stillness.  In fact, you are not quite in focus. 

David:  Yes. 

Eleonora:  That’s what I’m experiencing.  And an opening up of my heart as well.  When you talked about love being the unification - I’m not sure if I’m using the right words here - but you mentioned unity and love arising and I completely recognise that and see that... and feel that. 

David:  That’s brilliant.  So you can see that the love is Universal Love.  That it isn’t owned by Eleonora, it is your true nature though. 

Eleonora:  It’s not personal. 

David:  Yes.  That’s very good.  And can you just switch the perception now so that when you use the words to describe the sensations that are arising – so there’s the sensation of peace and there’s the sensation in the spine and at the top of the head – can you just notice that they are arising within this single field of consciousness?  They’re not personally owned by Eleonora. 

Eleonora:  Yes, but not until you said that.  It’s like I could still feel my body, my tingling.  But yes, I mean yes, the sensations are experienced here, but they don’t necessarily belong to me. 

David:  That’s great because that really is the simplicity of one’s true nature.  So much of spiritual teaching is to do with development through spiritual practice, but actually everything that is required to realise one’s true nature is here in this moment... and it always has been.  It’s just that we’ve believed things to the contrary.  We’ve believed that it’s something that is at a distance, something we need to attain, something that we need to aspire to, something that some people have and we don’t.  But actually it’s already here and if there are experiences to do with suffering, or if there are experiences to do with discord, that’s really just mental programming, and those experiences are known just as easily as the experience of peace. 

So, it isn’t that one’s true nature is lost if there is suffering, or if there is confusion, or if there is any other experience that isn’t considered pleasant, it’s just that that’s what’s arising at that time and it’s arising because we’ve subscribed to particular types of experiences.  Maybe we wanted to know what suffering is.  Maybe we want to know what suffering is so we can experience it in contrast to our true nature. 

So, it’s a very simple thing to do and it doesn’t require a spiritual teacher.  Two people – any two people – providing there’s an allowing of the process, and providing people leave the beliefs that they have about the nature of what the self is, or any concepts that they have about spirituality in the process of connecting within the Infinite Field of Consciousness - that can actually be done very easily because it is our true nature.  It’s fully present here and now, and it’s accessible to everyone and by just going through those simple steps. 

So, I shall just repeat what the steps are: the first is to engage with the person in the normal sense, which is in the subject/object mode.  So, it’s David talking to Eleonora.  Then, there is a simple noticing that in reality it is an Infinite Field of Consciousness.  It’s a Singular Field of Consciousness and there’s the sound of this voice; there’s the sound of a voice over there; there are other perceptions and they’re all arising equally within this Field of Consciousness.  There aren’t any that are more or less who I am, it’s simply phenomena arising within the Singular Field of Consciousness. 

So from that level, from the simple noticing of the singular field can arise Universal Love, because Universal Love is also the manifestation of our true nature.  It’s a very subtle manifestation of out true nature especially if you’re with someone where there is resonance.  You feel that you can relate to them closely, then it’s very easy to be able to tune in to the direct experience of Infinite Universal Love. 

So from there, there is a connection only using words because there is no connection in Unity, obviously, but there is a shared awareness of Infinite Love.  And then there can be a tuning in on a mental level where you tune in and you notice the thoughts as they’re arising.  And you can just notice that the thoughts that are appearing, the concepts that are appearing, the speech that’s appearing is arising within the being that you are.  Then as you do that, you realise that we’ve always resided in this Non-Dual realm.  We’ve never actually entered into the realm of separation, this is where we’ve always been.  This is where we are.  It doesn’t matter what appears to be arising in the world, or the dramas that can appear in the world - none of those dramas will affect your essential Infinite Universal Nature.  It isn’t touched by any of those, they are simply arising within the Infinite Being that you are. 

One of the ideas regarding self-realisation is that if you move back into the subject/object mode, then we’ve somehow moved away from our essential nature again, but that isn’t the case.  It’s just that because you are the infinite field of consciousness, you can move between any states of consciousness.  You can move into the subject/object mode when you are talking to your green grocer, or your hair dresser, and you can move into the Unified Field in any other sense.  You can move into the Unified Field in terms of communicating with people.  When you speak to people you can experience on that level.  It’s really knowing that the experiencer doesn’t have any attributes.  Everything and everyone is this Singular Field of Awareness that is simply Aware.  So, it’s consciousness that is aware.  That’s what we are and when you know that, you can choose to experience life in Unity, or if you wish to enter into the subject/object mode you can do that also. 

Do you have any questions Eleonora?  You just seem very clear to me actually, but I would like to hear anything. 

Eleonora:  Yes, and what I notice is that immediately what comes up is– I remember hearing from Adyashanti actually that we are only one thought away from knowing who we really are and when you talked earlier about connecting with the mind and noticing thoughts – one thought came up that yes, it’s very easy to be in this particular... Oneness let’s say... because I don’t have an agenda with you.  I don’t have a history with you, I don’t have anything going on, but I can imagine with one of my sons, for instance, really being taken out (snaps fingers), [of state of Oneness] if we could even say taken out, but recognising the investment in being, acting, or responding in the habitualness of mother mode / son mode.  So, on the one hand I recognise that we are only one thought away from really knowing who we really are, and I also recognise that – wow, what happens when I’m there [state of separation]?  When I am caught by the thought.  Caught by the pain body.  Caught by the history, caught by wishing something to be different than it is right now, right then.  So that would be one of my questions, “Oh, yes, this is great... how can I...?” 

David:  Yes.  Well, really it comes down to acceptance because you can – if you take the example of the relationship with your sons – it may be that your sons aren’t ready to hear this yet.  And if they’re not then it’s really easy because you can just allow it to be as it is.  If intuitively you feel that you could convey something in the right moment where you may be able to relate to them and be able to share the experience, then that would be great, but in either case it’s really very simple because either they will be receptive, which is wonderful, or if they’re not receptive then there isn’t any need to try because we simply accept that that’s the way it is, and we don’t make that wrong.  We don’t say that there is something wrong as a result of that because their current experience is perfectly valid. 

Eleonora:  (Nodding)  So, there is no problem then!  (Laughing) 

David:  None at all. 

Eleonora:  It’s like… “Wow!” 

David:  Ok, thank you everybody, I hope that’s been of some enjoyment to you.  Thank you. 


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