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Burgs – Energy Fields and Modern Technology Part 2

Interview by Iain McNay

Iain:  So Burgs, yesterday we were talking about the energy in the body, and then you mentioned your rods and how they can actually test how the energy’s doing at the various energy centres of the body.  And then we can see the effect that mobile phones and Wi-Fi etc. have on the body. 

Burgs:  Yes, ok. 

Iain:  You’ve got your two rods now? 

Burgs:  Yes, these are just normal dowsing rods.  The same sort of rods that people might use to dowse for watercourses.  They’ve got a sleeve on them.  And they’re copper so that they only move… they move inside the sleeve.  So I can’t move them with my hands.  [Burgs demonstrates that he cannot move them with his hands]  They move only when they come into the energy field.  So we’re going to take some readings from your energy field.  We’re going to see how it is right now and then we’re going to see what the effects of some of this Wi-Fi technology is upon it.  All right?  [Burgs walks away 2-3 metres]

Iain:  This is going to be interesting. 

Burgs:  So if you stand there… and as I walk towards you and take a reading from your throat chakra [Burgs slowly walks towards Iain from a few meters away] we can see – this basically is the point at which the rods open.  [Burgs indicates a distance 60-70cm away form Iain’s body]  Did you see that?  Ok, and they open left and right which is what we want to see. 

Iain:  So my energy field goes to about here?  [Iain indicates the same distance away from his body as Burgs pointed put

Burgs:  At this moment your energy field’s out here so we would imagine it would be… 

Iain:  And then the rods start to open at reading of the field? 

Burgs:  Yes exactly.  And we’re hoping that they would open left and right which means that the exchange of energy between your own discreet energy field and the wider energy field that you’re within, is balanced; i.e. the energy that you are… I suppose, transmitting or sharing with the greater energy field and the energy you’re receiving, or taking, or drawing from it, are balanced. Ok?  [Burgs walks away a few metres]

So let’s just take a couple more readings just for interest sake so we can compare them.  Let’s take the chest, chest chakra, heart chakra.  All right.  [Burgs steps away a few metres and then moves towards Iain]  Can you see how the left one has opened 90 degrees and the right one has stayed where it was?  [Bugs twists his arms to show the position of the rods]  So that’s basically the reading that we’ve got.  [Burgs shows the rods]  So that means that you are through the chest chakra, you are drawing energy in from the energy field around you, but you’re not releasing energy into the energy field through that particular place. 

Iain:  So it’s getting stuck somewhere, is that right?  

Burgs:  It’s not blocked.  If it was blocked completely it wouldn’t open at all. 

Iain:  It’s just a bit compromised? 

Burgs:  It’s just a bit… yes exactly… let’s just leave it like that.  Ok let’s have a look, let’s just take [the] head.  [Burgs steps away and slowly walks towards Iain from a few metres away]  All right.  We’ve got the opposite reading which is obviously the other way round.  So now you are releasing energy into… there is an exchange of energy between your field and the ambient energy field around you through the head.  So actually these two seem to be counter balancing each other.  [Burgs points towards Iain’s head and chest/heart]  Anyway without going further on that, that’s a snapshot, because that’s not really the purpose is it?  The purpose is to see what the effect is. 

Iain:  It gives us a reference point. 

Burgs:  [nodding]  It gives us a reference point.  So that’s as you are right now. 

Iain:  Now, I’m going to find a mobile phone, which is over there.  [Iain walks off to get his phone]  I have the mobile phone, which is switched on.  In fact a smartphone, a Blackberry. 

Burgs:  Switched on, on standby.  Put it in your pocket and forget about it as it would normally be.  Yes, in your pocket.  [Burgs steps away a few metres]  And let’s see what the effect is.  So again your throat chakra, which was open nicely… as I walk towards you… and now there’s no response at all at the rods.  Nothing, they stay closed.  [Rods are almost an inch away from the throat

Iain:  Yes. 

Burgs:  [Burgs steps away again]  And at the chest – same thing.  [Burgs steps away again]  And at the head.  All right.  So, just having the phone in your pocket, not using [it] not connected, but on standby has shut down your energy field.  So now there’s no exchange of energy between you and your environment.  You with me? 

Iain:  Well, that’s quite a big thing… isn’t it? 

Burgs:  It’s a big thing. 

Iain:  I might see the environment, but what you’re saying is energetically… 

Burgs:  You won’t empathize with it because your sense of what it contains, which is going on at a subtle level, is suddenly cut off.  So the exchange between us now… 

Iain:  I’m completely unaware of that as well. 

Burgs:  Yes, and generally people are unaware of the fact that they don’t, if they’re asked.  Think back ten years – whether you’ve been meditating for ten years since or not – I’ll bet you felt more moved by things like beautiful music and nature back then than you feel now?  So many people have to admit to themselves that that’s the case because their energy exchange, the empathetic exchange between them and their wider environment is cut off. 

Iain:  I like to go walking, I like to go hiking and you see, more and more, I don’t do it actually, [but] more and more people do have their mobile phones on. 

Burgs:  On the phone having a walk… 

Iain:  ...beautiful place and broom broom the phone goes and they’re chatting away. 

Burgs:  Exactly and they’ve walked to the other side of the park and they haven’t been aware of their environment at all, and they haven’t been nourished by it.  So you know you get the exercise of breathing the fresh air, but the refreshment that comes from exchange of energy with a nourishing environment, a natural environment, it’s so nourishing to us. 

Iain:  It is. 

Burgs:  Now, that’s one thing… 

Iain:  We’re now going to go one step further; we’re going to make a call aren’t we? 

Burgs:  Yes, let’s make a call.  [Burgs steps away

Iain:  I don’t know how to do that on this Blackberry. 

Burgs:  What have we got? 

Iain:  We’re going to dial 123… 

Burgs:  I’m not good with these either… 

Iain:  …talk to our friend who tells the time... [laughing

Burgs:  All right… screen is locked.  Might have to ask our assistant for some help with this…  [Burgs and Iain laughing and handing phone to someone off screen

Iain:  I’m impressed that we both can’t work it out...  [laughing

Burgs:  [phone handed back to Iain]  All right, so that’s ringing is it?  You’re ringing the answer phone?  [Burgs steps away

Iain:  Ok I’m just ringing the person who reads the time. 

Burgs:  All right.  You’re now on the phone and I’m walking towards your head chakra and they’re crossing there.  Now unfortunately, I don’t want to poke you in the eye, but if I was to get closer let’s see if I can get closer, [Burgs walks towards Iain from a different angle] they’ve already crossed remember.  Across there and the closer I get… 

Iain:  Wow look at that!  [Burgs showing the rods]

Burgs:  …you with me?  Now those are completely crossed. 

Iain:  …the wrong way. 

Burgs:  Now the only time that I would get a reading like that of a human energy field would be someone who is very sick, because that is a very disruptive response.  I would typically get a response like that… 

Iain:  So if I was feeling a bit weak and I felt a cold coming on, or something, you’re saying this would make the difference between maybe getting the cold and not getting the cold? 

Burgs:  Mmm, possibly, possibly.  It would certainly impair the body’s own defense mechanism.  More importantly, if you are already very ill, if you have cancer, which is already uncontrolled energy and you introduce more uncontrolled… your body’s capacity to heal itself and re-organise itself is completely, completely impaired.  So it’s very damaging.  Obviously you’re not on it all the time, hopefully, but it’s extremely damaging if your body’s intelligence is already impaired. 

Iain:  Yes. And whatever’s happening it is weakening us a bit isn’t it? 

Burgs:  It’s weakening us… 

Iain:  Even if we’re reasonably healthy it’s still having an effect… 

Burgs:  It’s weakening us at an electrical level, at a nervous system, at an information level it’s already starting to break us down.  Yeah.  So we see many people who are starting to suffer with memory loss, poor sleep patterns, inability to concentrate, restlessness and that’s happening more and more and more and I’m convinced it’s because of constant exposure to these EMF’s.  Now shall we take a reading to see what the long-term effect is on your head? 

Iain:  Ok. 

Burgs:  Right let’s get rid of the phone. 

Iain:  If we put the phone… [Iain hands the phone to the camera person

Burgs:  All right.  So what we’ll do now is we’ll read the side of your head that you don’t hold the phone and the side of the head that you do use the phone.  How about that?  All right so… 

Iain:  All right.  Yes, that’s a good idea.  I’ll turn my back to the camera for a minute.  I’m right handed so the phone would normally be here [Iain mimics holding the phone while his left side is facing Burgs

Burgs:  Right side of Iain’s head… [Burgs walks towards Iain’s left side of his head – rods are at head height] and we see the rods opening nicely.  All right, turn the other way…

Iain:  That was the left side of my head… 

Burgs:  Sorry, left side of your head… [Burgs steps away – Iain now turns and faces the camera with his right side facing Burgs

Iain:  It’s my phone side.  [Iain mimics holding a phone

Burgs:  [Burgs walks slowly towards Iain]  Can we see that it’s blocked?  [The rods do not move as Burgs walks with the rods right up to Iain’s head]  it’s blocked and not because the phone’s in his pocket, it’s blocked because presumably it would be inherently blocked.  Yes. 

And to be honest I felt exactly the same thing after some years of use I started to notice in the side of my head [Burgs touches the right side of this head] this dense feeling that wasn’t shifting.  Sometime you can wake up feeling dense in the head and 5-10mins of meditation you can feel it clearing.  It wasn’t clearing, so I stopped using my phone and it took me I would say 3… 6 months before I could feel the normal rhythm, gentle rhythm through my body return. 

Iain:  When you say you stopped using your phone what do you mean? 

Burgs:  I never took a phone to the head, so I would ever only use it on speaker phone and I’d use text messages as much as possible, and even if it was on the speaker wherever I could, I would put it down and speak into it without touching it. 

Iain:  Right.  But it’s quite extreme Burgs to do that. 

Burgs:  Well you say that, is it?  I mean you know this is quite extreme.  [Burgs points to Iain’s head

Iain:  Well, for modern life, because people obviously can get the hands free one where you put little leads… [Iain mimics putting something to his ear

Burgs:  Yes, there are some that screen you and some that don’t.  I think you have to be quite careful what sort [you get] the normal earphones I think are not so good.  There are some…[Burgs gestures holding a phone to his ear] you’ve seen the ones that look like an old style telephone that you plug into your modern hand phone – they actually seem to screen quite well. 

I agree you might think its extreme but for me I find it really important that clarity that comes from a coherent energy field and feeling coherent within myself helps me, and I feel that’s a really important part of my life. 

Iain:  And it depends on our priority doesn’t it? 

Burgs:  It depends on priorities. 

Iain:  If our priority is primarily our body, our spiritual path and waking up to who we really are, then if we’re closing down our energy fields that’s going to impair that whole process. 

Burgs:  I would certainly say that, if you’re investigating things like your connection to other people and what it is that makes you tick, us tick, and your connection with nature and the wider energy fields around you – these sort of things which are definitely part of many people’s spiritual quest – be aware of the fact that your capacity to exchange at that level is being seriously impaired by constant exposure to Wi-Fi.  Now, over time we may find that there are health risks, physiological risks and those risks are starting to emerge, but even before that, start to think about these subtleties.  The qualities and the depth of your sense of intimacy and exchange, the feeling you get when you listen to beautiful music, or you look out at nature – are you feeling that connection like you used too?  Ask yourself… I bet if we ask ourselves we might find, yes, something is lacking.  Yeah? 

Iain:  [nodding]  We are now going to go into an office and we are going to test the Wi-Fi and see how it works there.  See what we find there.  It’s a very interesting experiment we’re doing here. 

Burgs:  [smiles]  Let’s see what we get… [Burgs now stands a few yards away from Iain in the corner of the room facing Iain]  I’ve just switched the Wi-Fi on.  Now this whole room will be able to pick up Wi-Fi signal anywhere in this room.  Let’s just see what effect that ambient Wi-Fi has had on Iain’s energy field.  So let’s start again.  Let’s take the reading from his chest chakra.  [Burgs walks slowly towards Iain holding the rods]  And there’s no movement at all on the rods. 

Iain:  Whereas before there was movement. 

Burgs:  Before there was movement yes.  The left [rod] was open and the right was closed.  [Burgs walks back to the corner and comes forward again holding the rods]  The throat, which was completely open before isn’t moving either.  So what’s that showing is that just by having the Wi-Fi on, which remember works ambiently in the background 24/7, that your energy field is…[Burgs waves his hand downward in a closing fashion]

Iain:  Yes…

Burgs:  [Burgs walks over to the Wi-Fi box/router]  Let’s just unplug the box and see the effect.  That’s off now.  [Burgs walks back to the corner of the room and faces Iain and slowly walks toward him]  I’m walking back… I can feel his energy field as I walk into it… and because I can feel it in my body the contact with your energy field and there it is again and… [walking back to the corner and holding up the rods and walking back towards Iain] …there’s the throat… 

Iain:  …back where it should be. 

Burgs:  So it’s back where it should be.  So the point is that it does open up again, but what’s the effect of being closed down consistently if we’re in that kind of environment 24hours a day? 

Iain:  So Burgs, this means obviously that when we have these devices on the whole time, we get more and more closed down, but if we start to be intelligent and more mindful about things and we start to change the way we use these devices, can we actually start to improve our energy flow again? 

Burgs:  Yes, first of all let’s look at what the effect of being closed down is.  Now it will take some time for us physiologically to break down as a result of that.  The first thing that would break down would be the nerve system would break down because that’s the most electrical part of us… 

Iain:  I didn’t know that - so the nervous system is very much related to these electrical currents? 

Burgs:  Yes… yes, so that would be the most… 
Iain:  Ok, so when people get nervous and they shake… 

Burgs:  Well the brain is part of our nervous system, so the brain functioning will be affected.  But before we see a physiological breakdown which we’re starting to see with ADHD and all this insomnia and increasing panic attacks and nervousness, as you talk about, and people’s sleeping patterns and natural biorhythms being disrupted, we are starting to see that now more and more.  But the subtler aspect which happens immediately that we’re shut down is that our exchange with what it is that we’re experiencing around us at a subtle level is suddenly cut off.  So this dialogue that we’re having is two human beings with each other, is not just what I’m saying to you and your brain analyzing it, there’s the exchange of energy as two beings and that exchange, which creates the feeling of empathy and the feeling of compassion, all the subtleties, all the subtle aspects of our experience…all filter through this subtle energy field.  Otherwise without it we have just a cerebral version of our experience, which is very 2-dimensional.  So that’s what we lose once our subtle energy field is closed down even before physiologically we start to develop, and you know, these are the most enriching parts of what it is to be human and we are getting used to being without them sadly, which is why everybody’s looking harder and harder in all kinds of directions for something that satisfies.

Iain:  It’s interesting Burgs, because the whole mission quest if you like of is to very much look at how we can get more in touch of who we really are.

Burgs:  Who you really are…yes. 

Iain:  And obviously this course this week is a meditation course, and we’ve done a lot of meditation, we’ve done some qigong, we’ve been out in nature - a very beautiful part of England - and obviously we also have a very good teaching, but when it comes down to it, when we’re away from here we’ve got to have this mindfulness, this awareness to always take with us because that is the way we maintain what we’re learning here. 

Burgs:  Well there’s no doubt, and actually you mentioned mindfulness, we have to behave mindfully, we have to behave intelligently and care for ourselves energetically the same way that we care for ourselves nutritionally.  We have to take care of this subtle part of us because it’s very important, and once we start to let that slip and forget, we sort of dry up in some way; but the other part of mindfulness which is very, very interesting is that although these energy fields are disruptive for everybody, we are exposed to them, we’re going to have to live through them.  What I’ve seen more and more consistently is that when people are ill and the integrity of their own energy and their body’s intelligence is already starting to break down, these have a devastating effect and the capacity of the body to re-correct when removed from it is hugely impaired.  A healthy human being – I’m not suggesting that long term it’s not going to have an effect – but a healthy human being does, the heating up that we feel in the brain, when we take the phone away over the course of the night, it does cool down and that very strong shaking that happens while we’re on the phone it does gradually dissipate. 

Iain:  There’s a certain robustness… 

Burgs:  There’s a robustness which is the inherent mindfulness within the body and when we lose that… 

Iain:  So you talked about an inherent mindfulness… 

Burgs:  Yes...

Iain:  I see, so the body has obviously its own intelligence…yes. 

Burgs:  Yes, has its own awareness energy.  It has its own intelligence and obviously sickness is an indication of a break down in the body’s own intelligence and once we are already unwell, and this is the thing I really think is so important – if you have people in your life who are unwell or you are unwell, it’s really important you do everything you can to remove yourself from these things [Burgs points to the Wi-Fi/technology devices] because your body goes into what we call a coping state when your subtle energy system is shut down and the healing response will not trigger for you, the way it should, until you are free from these.  [Burgs points to the Wi-Fi/technology devices]  Now the first place we need to make sure that we don’t have this wireless technology is in hospitals, and the second place is in schools where children are still growing and developing.  So if you are unwell and you are looking to recover [it is] really, really important that you remove this [Burgs points to the Wi-Fi/technology devices] for the period of time of your convalescence – now that’s really important.

Iain:  Yes.  Well there’s some great advice Burgs.  Thanks very much and the way I’m left with is, it’s very much that we have to look at all areas of our life.  When we’re unwell of course we do and most people do look at their diet and they rest more, but if they are resting at home and their Wi-Fi is on… 

Burgs:  Might not think about it.  Might be sitting there with a computer on, watching movies streaming off the Internet and… 

Iain:  They think they’re relaxing and they’re doing their body harm…

Burgs:  …that’s it, exactly and our energy system can’t re-organize itself. 

Iain:  Yes.  Great, thank you very much Burgs. 

Burgs:  All right. Thanks. 

Iain:  And thank you for watching. 

Burgs - An Energy Experiment… 

Iain:  We just finished the last programme and Burgs showed me another little trick if you like with his rods - it’s not really a trick but a little technique with these rods and I thought we have to put this at the end of the programme as an extra. 

Burgs:  [laughs]  All right…

Iain:  It was fun, but also it showed something very important too.  Just run through this little exercise again please.

Burgs:  Ok, as Iain was asking me, “Gosh if we’re exposed to all of this electromagnetic [pollution] all these disruptive energy field, what can we do to protect ourselves?  Should we get one of these devices that shut us down?”  And I said, “Use mindfulness.  The way you pay attention governs what’s happening in your energy field.” So the first thing I said to Iain was, “Imagine you are on a tube at night full of drunk people and you want nobody to notice you i.e. you shrink yourself down and bring all your attention into your body as if you wanted to be completely unnoticed.”  [Burgs walks away]  You try doing that.  So all your mind…

Iain:  So head down… 

Burgs:  Just relax, but keep all your attention within you.  All right.  Just so I can read your throat chakra again.  [Burgs walks towards Iain with rods pointing forward]  Now you see what’s happened?  The rods have opened so he hasn’t shut his energy field down, but what he’s done is withdrawn it, his mindfulness is within him and his energy field is withdrawn.  So if you’re sitting at a computer and you’re like that, gazing in to the screen as you [Burgs mimics typing and staring forward with eyes wide open] type, of course your energy field is wide open all over the screen and the monitor and everything that it’s doing.  If you sit within yourself while you type, your energy will be withdrawn, your energy currents will function perfectly [Burgs moves his hand up and down the midline of his body] but you’re not smothered, or smothering these toxic devices.

Iain:  Hmm…[Iain nods in agreement]

Burgs:  Here’s another example, imagine that you’re really excited. 

Iain:  I imagine that my football just team scored an important winning goal. 

Burgs:  Go on then… [laughing and moving towards Iain with rods] 

Iain:  YES!!!... Great!!!  Fantastic… [hands waving in the air, arms up

Burgs:  Go on then and look – I’ve come into his energy field now, they’re [the rods] wide open at the throat and his energy field is half as big again as it was when we were just having a normal exchange.  So if you send your attention out into your environment [Burgs opens his arms wide] your energy field opens up with you.  [Burgs opens his arms wide again]  So when you are in nature, walk and look into it and you are open up to it, but if you walk…

Iain:  And being happy as well, because I felt happy.  Before I felt contracted…  I felt contained. 

Burgs:  …but you didn’t have to be shrunk, you could have just been mindful within you and your energy field would still have withdrawn.  In the same way I can look into what’s going on around me without necessarily being excited and my energy field will open to it.  The excitement is the flavor of what goes on in your energy field, but your attention energy governs what’s actually going on [Burgs opens his arms wide]… yes? 

Iain:  I see…

Burgs:  All right… [smiles and laughs

Iain:  Burgs that was great! 

Burgs:  Thank you. 


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