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Faisal Muqaddam - The Glory Of The Human Being

Interview by Renate McNay

Renate:  Hello and welcome to  I am Renate McNay and my guest today is Faisal Muqaddam.  Hello, Faisal.  So nice to see you again. 

Faisal is a spiritual teacher and the founder of the Diamond teaching and the Diamond Logos Academy and he was also the co-founder of The Diamond Approach with Hameed Ali – A.H. Almaas.  We already have an interview with Faisal on  He was here with us a few months ago.  Iain interviewed him and I can highly recommend you watch out for it.  It was a beautiful interview.  I am going to talk with Faisal today about The Kingdom of the Three Domains, Enlightenment and Beyond. 

When you told me that this is what you would like to talk with me about, I became really curious.  So my first question is: you know, we hear the word ‘enlightenment’ and it is used nowadays in so many households – like you see in every household [the image] of Buddha sitting there.  I would like to know what is for you the meaning of enlightenment and who, or what gets enlightened? 

Faisal:  Enlightenment is basically realizing the nature beyond all these manifestations.  Beyond mind, body, phenomena, there is a basic field, a basic presence and that presence is so simple, so delightful, it’s just basic sanity and simplicity.  Awakening to that, recognizing that, is enlightenment 101.  It’s the beginning of enlightenment.  By that, I mean not that the field is different now from ten years from now when you get enlightened.  The field is the same.  The Buddha nature, the enlightened nature is the same.  We get more mature in it, we are able to experience its richness and the multidimensionality of what this field is.  I remember one of the Tibetan teachers I met said that he came to California and people said to him, “I am enlightened” or “I attained enlightenment.”  He said, “How could they dare say that?”  Then one day he listened to them and when they explained their experiences, he said “Yes, that is an enlightened experience: simplicity, openness.”  And he said, “I also experience this a lot but I wouldn’t call myself enlightened.  I had many [mini] enlightenment [experiences].”

Renate:  Some people use the word ‘awakened’, some use ‘enlightenment’.  What is the difference? 

Faisal:  For me, there is a difference.  Awakening is like coming from the story, from our mind and disturbances and finding this beautiful state.  You feel as if you have been in a nightmare, a dream or confusion, then the clouds part and there is sunshine and you wake up from the story.  Enlightenment is when the field gets more purified from our inner confusion and clouds.  The field begins to land in our totality and when it cultivates in the heart, which I mentioned the last time – enlightenment happens in the heart - the field begins to take on a tonality of richness and meaningfulness that relates to what the human is about.  [In the past] there were a few who were bewildered that I said, “Enlightenment happens in the heart while awakening happens in the mind.”  It is one state, so how could one thing [happen] here and one thing there?  When the field gets so rich, when it turns into love and compassion and in-depth understanding, it is the same field and it becomes so dense.  In the beginning, it opens like transparency, lightness and openness.  When it descends more and more, the field becomes richer as if it is dense nothingness, so dense that you could cut it like butter.  That generates more and more when we resolve issues of the mind and the emotional body and release it from the heart.  The emotional body is not the heart, it is occupying the heart.  The belly [too] and the conditioning and habitual mind… when these are purified… in the human construct, they [the researchers] measured the electricity [in the heart and found] the electromagnetic field of the heart is about 40-60 times stronger than the brain, so this organ is designed to balance the brain and the instinct.  [The heart] has very powerful capacities to integrate intellect, mind, instinct, and body.  Let’s say God created an organ that can integrate the two (the mind and the body) and it is the heart.  After Buddha’s enlightenment, the first path was awakening, then as he deepened, he attained heart – Buddha heart.  Buddha heart is realizing the enlightened state and all the dimensionality as one integrated kingdom.  To me that is enlightenment. 

Renate:  Is this also connected to the journey of descent? 

Faisal:  Yes, sometimes you could see it as you reach the Absolute and you descend with the quality in it.  That’s a journey of descent.  It can include this perception.  Sometimes it is a journey of integration rather than ascending and descending.  Every state that you go into you have the realization of it.  You have the integration of it.  You have the actualization of it and then you feel like you have it now.  I got what love is, I got what peace is.  So it could be a grand journey ascending to the Absolute and descending, or an issue, [realizing, integrating and actualizing the] quality [related to that issue].  So we are journeying applying the principle of the descent and this happens every step of the way. 

Renate:  Yes, you formed a whole teaching about this, which is I guess the Kingdom of the Three Domains, but we will come to that later.  Let’s stay with enlightenment.  What is beyond enlightenment? 

Faisal:  You do not get out of it you submerge in it.  From what I have known is that beyond enlightenment is the unfoldment of the kingdom.  Our inner perception begins to awaken and perceives the depth and richness of this kingdom we live in, and through that unfoldment, through being in the enlightened field, a certain unfoldment takes place that has like two parallel lines.  One is the beauty, the glory of the enlightened nature and us as glorious beings.  The other part is the shadow.  There is no light without a shadow.  And the shadow, when the enlightened field opens up, it opens the system, and in our system, there is all the conditioning in the unconscious and also within the unconscious, there is all of our differentiated beauty and richness that’s there.  When the Absolute comes, it removes the veils and then you have beautiful experiences, but the next day it is worse than ever.  What happens is that you open this quality and the trauma and issues and all the things that are hidden around [the issues] are opened by the power of the field and released.  You expand to so much richness and the next day you feel worse than ever and you wish that you did not even go there!  To the enlightened state.  Really!  Many times I said that I did not even want it and to just let me be in the bliss of ignorance.  Yet the beauty of it was so stunning.  I remember, one day I was meditating and the whole room was filled with the Absolute and the luminosity and the whole room turned into rose petals showering me.  Every rose petal was running through my system with grace, beauty and love and I was willing to die for it.  There were many blessings.  Showers of diamonds.  Showers of light, and oil, and grace flowing in my system… and the essential domain started to melt in my system by the grace of the presence and by me anchoring in the body.  I was body oriented.  I did not want to go to the Absolute and dissolve, I wanted the Absolute to come and undo me.  I had no trouble in the Absolute.  I had trouble here [present reality].  One of the last beautiful ones was that I felt the whole field was luminous with such love and it came and kissed me on the lips and I surrendered [to the love].  Another beautiful one was, I was sitting and meditating and I became the awareness itself and I landed it in my body.  Out of my fingers and toes I felt at ease and I could surrender myself as an ego.  Then I became the expansive awareness and this time, from that field, I wanted to look at who was sitting and meditating.  And I looked and there was Faisal, but not anything I knew.  It was an entity made of jewels, crowns, necklaces, robes of glory sitting on a diamond lotus… a glorious one.  Then came the realization that ‘I’ am the jewel of enlightenment.  ‘I’, the Self is the jewel of enlightenment. 

Renate:  It’s interesting how we imitate in the world this reality… by having a King with a crown and jewels… but in this domain you have it. 

Faisal:  Yes, yes, you have those Thangkas with deities and every deity is gorgeous… when people came to me and said that this did not exist, I said, “So what is this, just the field, just the awareness?”  And that is enlightenment not integrated.  When you integrate it, then it manifests you as an ornamented jewel of enlightenment.  You are the ornamented jewel of enlightenment, I am the ornamented… 

Renate:  And it gets more and more integrated by us working with our shadow and our belief structures?

Faisal:  Yes, you see the obstacles and each quality, when the Absolute opens your mind, then come the issues around your mind, or in you heart so the descent of the Absolute in our body and in our system reveals so much of the jewels, the individuated jewels that are buried in our conditioning.  And the conditioning can be approached now in a very precise way and that is where the Diamond Logos comes in.  With every jewel, there is a specific conditioning around it, which has to do with childhood, so the approach to enlightenment, to realization, to integration and then actualization, living it in daily life.  It was part of the descent, part of the unfoldment with a specific incredible tool that has come for our time - the precision of each issue [associated] with a quality.  It felt really magnificent.  Instead of teaching about enlightenment, which is fascinating, but you don’t know how to go there and you don’t know how to come back.  This became a high-tech approach. 

Renate:  Yes, but do you think we can go there?  Last night, when we had dinner you said salvation comes through grace. 

Faisal:  Yes.  Enlightenment in general has to do with awakening and has to do with liberation.  When you crack this riddle of the mind and you undo the structures in the mind, you discover the basic nature of the mind.  That to me is liberation.  That is awakening.  Grace, you cannot get by working.  You can work with the Diamond Logos and those approaches, and they can help you see the conditioning.  You can work systematically and liberate the conditioning and reach the basic nature of mind.  That is beautiful and it is work.  But grace is being transformed in a way that is in alignment with more than liberation.  How does the soul, this individuated being I saw in jewels, navigate in this existence like a peacock flying and not leaving traces behind?  So liberation is one path.  Salvation is another path.  Salvation is instruction to the human soul on how to navigate.  And some of it sounds like superego, but we need superego because the cosmos has a structure.  If I know this structure, then I can navigate it.  So salvation does not come by me trying to run the show.  Salvation [comes] by me [being] released from a bondage that I created, but I became it and I cannot undo me.  I can undo a lot of me, but this “I” remains to the last minute.  It cannot undo itself.  And that is what the moment of utmost grace is and reaching out and saying “I won’t reach out, but I am reaching out to take the human stand” and then grace comes from the Lord.  I am sounding a like a preacher in this chair, but it is a divine touch of love that installs in the soul the light for the eyes to see how to navigate.  So for me freedom is not enough. 

Renate:  But isn’t it already grace that we are sitting here and that we have the understanding of who we are? 

Faisal:  That is part of grace.  We are really graced to know what we know. 

Renate:  There are so many people out there who have no idea and are lost in suffering.

Faisal:  I agree.  As I mentioned last night, in the grace, there is a love that does not seem to be human.  It is not unconditional love, it is not celebrative love.  It is a love that sometimes uses a stick.  It is not like, “I love you for who you are”.   No, it has empowerment, it has divine mercy.  This divine love knows that I cannot but mess up every day.  My conditioning, that’s what it does.  Everyday I am against the flow.  I sleep and my system goes against the flow and shuts down here and there, and it knows that I could work for thousands of years to undo it, but the one who is working to undo it at the end of the journey does not know how to undo itself.  Then divine love, or this grace comes knowing that my activities constantly generate my alienation and my separation.  Even in my seeking of the divine, my seeking creates a barrier and I cannot stop it.  I tried to stop me, I tried to eliminate me.  I tried to use the Absolute, the light for ten years.  Whenever my ego came, I chased it like a samurai, but ego is a clever mighty mouse, and it can hide anywhere until I found out that this approach did not work.  I can liberate, but grace is another [thing].  When I realized that I could not do it, I could not undo me, that was when grace and love came knowing that I am a sinner and I could not help but mess up, but disconnect, you know.  So that love is not saying, “Oh you are really my Beloved because you have been serving me.”  No, it says, “I know that you cannot stop messing up, I know that.”  And this is out of grace, which is unmerited favor.  Not [because] I have been so great.  Even in my spiritual journey, God knows what I had.  I wanted this and that – hidden, or obvious – but divine grace came from a knowing that this is what I am.  I am the cause ultimately of my alienation.  So it has a special touch, and then it deepens.  When this divine love takes over, it transforms the pure awareness into a dimension of exquisite divine love.  It is not a human love even though the divine is human, but it feels as if it is a higher octave.  From that higher octave unfolded a vision that did not unfold when I was in the Absolute in its pure absolute.  The Absolute was a field. 

Renate:  And what was the vision? 

Faisal:  The vision was that we live in a kingdom and not fragmented pieces… not something real, or something unreal.  Everything is real, everything is sacred, even the illusions that we have are real.  There are frequencies in the field and maybe they carry the wrong ideas, but they are still real.  So it took away this attitude of compartmentalizing and fragmenting, making things real, or unreal.  It made me see that this is a whole kingdom and this is a sacred kingdom and [it] is built with love, with care, with sacrifices and that we are its owners, its citizens.  By revealing this kingdom and revealing my role – our roles as well – it changed my attitude.  It is not about transcendence, it is not just about Immanence, it combines them in a very specific way and the more I landed in this, it was like a parent looking at its child.  It is not just another child.  Love comes and there was so much preciousness to everything that is here. Not that this world is an illusion, that someday I would be the Absolute and the illusion would go away.  The only illusion that goes away is the imprint in my mind about this universe.  When this imprint goes away, that is the illusion and then my eyes see, my ears hear.  So nowadays, when I walk, I feel this is the kingdom at hand.  He said it before, the Christ.  He said, “The kingdom is at hand.”  I look at the trees and I perceive magic and I am in wonderment like a child who has been absent from this kingdom, and now this is my home.  Before, trees were an illusion.  This earth was an illusion… they are all obstacles to me being in the Absolute.  And that led to great suffering.  Now I am so appreciative, loving the kingdom. 

Renate:  You became a human being.

Faisal:  Yeah… that is divine grace.  We are not only here to spiritualize humanity – and they need it – we are here to humanize spirituality.  The human being to me is the alpha and the omega.  I am everything you can think of. 

Renate:  You said it very beautifully.  You said the Absolute is our nature and the human being is the mandala of existence. 

Faisal:  Yes, we are all of it.  I am the Absolute.  I am the body.  I am the mind.  I am the alpha and the omega.  This world of Christ does not leave anything out, so the whole paradigm of looking at this existence shifted.  It is not God [who] made it, you and I made it, and this is our home.  We created the trees, we created the stars.  How did we do it? 

Renate:  How did we do it?  How did we forget? 

Faisal:  Yes, how did we forget?  It is really stunning.  The more I realize the story that we are here from beginningless beginning, we are here pre-time and space and we created this magical show.  How?  And then we forgot.  How?  That to me is the unfoldment of this.  When I said the divine – perceiving this kingdom from the divine, in which the human has become the divine, and so we are divinely human.  In some of the hidden teachings, it says that we have seven stages for the self.  The animals, the plants, then the pacified soul, then the exalted soul, then the perfect soul – seven of them.  Then they have an eighth one, hidden, and it is only revealed to those who have journeyed enough, which is divine worldly self.  You are the Goddess and you are this worldly [one] and you are the alpha and the omega.  Having this perception revolutionized [it].  It’s like a challenge that I am posing now.  Let’s wake up and see who we are. 

Renate:  Is it the man of the world, but not of it?  Or the point of light? 

Faisal:  We are the man of the world, and we are of it, and we are not of it.  It all belongs to us.  Everything.  Why should I exclude anything?  I am of this world, now my body is here and if I deny it, then unconsciously I take an attitude against this body, but I am also not of this world.  My being of light exists in this body, but in the light in the Absolute.  My Buddha nature includes this and beyond it.  It became an integrative approach.  I do not need to cut off my arms and legs to be enlightened.  Enlightenment put me together.  When the Christ said, “Truth shall set you free”, some people say “you are made of the Absolute and Truth shall set you back to your [True] Nature.”  Well, Truth does not need to make itself realized, it is always realized.  Who is the you that is set free?  Then I realized that there is a soul, a unique being that journeys forever and ever and sometimes it falls and sometimes loses the perspective, then awakens and restores things, so Truth will reveal to me who I am.  When I was in that awareness, the enlightened field, it revealed who I am, and who is sitting there.  

[Looking at Renate] Renate is a unique being. 

Renate:  When you mentioned… we are a soul journeying forever and ever in this kingdom, [it reminded me] I had many years [ago] an experience like that and it freaked me out, I have to say.  I was sitting in somebody’s garden and all of a sudden - I did not even have my eyes closed - something started to manifest, which I only can translate into like this huge ball.  Around this ball was a net and I saw myself in every cross point of the net, in another time, in another form, in detail.  I remember there was this thought that came “Oh my God how do I get out of that”, because it was endless and then what happened in the next moment… this sign came in which said, “You are out of it by being right here, where you are, right now.”  And in that moment I was out of everything.  It took me a long time to understand this experience. 

Faisal:  It is the glory of who we are and what we can be.  I have a similar story.  One day I was dealing with this vehicle, the Chandelier, the robe of glory.  This glorious vehicle usually comes as a Christmas tree with colors, different diamonds, and generating music in the air.  It is the vehicle of celebration and you know [what] it is like: you work hard and the baby arrives and you are celebrating.  So I was looking at the usual chandelier of different colors, then this chandelier was different.  It was a chandelier with little stars and on top of it, was a bigger star and when I said, “What is this?” the inspiration [that came] was that all those little stars are my previous incarnations and I am the star above it.  So this is the vehicle of my reincarnations and in every reincarnation I made a psyche here, a different psyche there, but that point [the big star] is the soul wearing the robe of all its glories.  Of course, I couldn’t integrate it, because it downloaded so much information, but yes, it is like what you saw. 

Renate:  I was sharing this experience with Hameed [A.H. Almaas] some years ago and he said, “Well you experienced the wheel of Indra”, or something like that.  [Ours] seem to be a similar experience - something which is out there and can be experienced. 

Faisal:  To me the most beautiful thing is that it indicates the uniqueness of you, that you really exist as an entity [that] journeyed in so many domains, so many lifetimes.  And that [realization] liberated something big for me, because I was just trying to transcend and function from the Absolute, but with a little bit of prejudice and compartmentalization.  And with this one, it is like I am the dance, I am it.  And that made my soul so full of gratitude and realization that this is a glorious kingdom that we are in and it is made in a specific way and if I know how it is made, I contribute to its evolution and if I don’t, I clash. 

Renate:  This brings me to the kingdom of the three domains.  What are the three domains? 

Faisal:  The first one is the ground.  I always think of it as a lotus.  The root of the lotus is mud, it’s in the mud.  The stem of the lotus is in water – denser quality than air - and the flower of the lotus is in the sun and in the air.  The mud state – basic ground – is the Absolute.  The stem [and the water] is the essential domain with all the intricacies that are subtle, rich, beautiful.  And the flower is the worldly existence.  So the three domains are the Absolute, which is [most] subtle frequency.  It is just luminous emptiness.  Then through sound, it differentiates into colors and light.  Light first, then the light becomes emanations.  The emanations, through certain principles, weave and become condensed light, and the condensed light continues to weave more and it becomes matter.  So from the Absolute to the Essential – like water, steam, mist, cloud, rain and snow – all one phenomena, one field, manifesting in a variety [of ways].  So one domain is the Absolute.  One domain with it is the essential domain.  I call it Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Renate:  Just to clarify for our audience, when you say the essential domain, you mean the divine manifestations like love and joy and strength? 

Faisal:  Yes, and they have colors, as we said, and they have light, they have affects.  So love is not just an emotion.  If you really go into the emotion, you find substance there, maybe something like oil, or like gold and that is the essential domain - actual substances that run through the body-mind-psyche that differentiate into thoughts, into emotions and into sensations. 

Renate:  And how do we navigate in that [realm]? 

Faisal:  It is experiential – when we feel it, when we realize it, when we drop our preference for anything.  The Absolute is seductive.  Once you reach it, you don’t want to get out.  So fine, stay in it, enjoy it as long as you can, but don’t impose any views on it – that this is reality, this is the only reality [and] everything [else] is not.

Renate: It is a beautiful hiding place.

Faisal:  Yeah - a resting abode, but if you rest a thousand years, or ten thousand years, how long do you want to sleep?  You want to go to the goat market! 

Renate:  So it [the Absolute] is like a completely detached feeling to the world and to human beings and actually to the messiness also in this world, to the suffering… it takes courage to enter [this world]... 

Faisal:  Yes, exactly.  It takes courage and it takes also compassion to oneself that says, “I need also to rest and I cannot engage with this world all the time.”  It helped me to dismantle and disengage – like going to sleep.  I need to sleep, so without any prejudice, the more you land in this feeling, in this kingdom, in this integration of all the domains, it has in it inherent wisdom and teachings and there is deeper and deeper realization and awakening.  One of them is realizing that you are the alpha and the omega.  Everything belongs to you and you belong to it.  That union, that integration… this kingdom already has a momentum and that is why they saw, “Go with the flow.”  What flow?  The Tao has a flow, has a momentum which is creating creation, maintaining it, preserving it.  We installed programs in the Absolute: archetypes, stupas, chandeliers, diamonds, all of them are programs and the Absolute comes through those lenses and [they] manifest as essential states, then other lenses manifest as physical phenomena.  When you see that, more and more love awakens, wisdom awakens, knowledge emerges and this is how this kingdom functions.  It is just like you don’t know about gravity then someday you hear about gravity, then you try to jump and it pulls you back.  So you have a feeling of this gravity and then you have respect and honoring for this gravity, then you could use it.  We are sitting in a beautiful studio and it is based on respect for and knowing gravity.  So when we learn about the kingdom more and more, then we recognize our purpose – we are the creators, this is our home – and how to cultivate wisdom and love and awakening to it.  We, being ignorant of this kingdom, we are not owning that we are responsible.  We are the creators of this kingdom and also we are responsible that our actions will return to us – what we have done.  The law of karma.  Because of that ignorance, look at what is happening to the earth and now to humanity! 

Everybody blames everybody.  Ignorance is demolishing our home.  It is really stunning to me that no race in existence destroys itself like humanity and at such a fast rate.  What kind of insanity have we reached?  So, when we awaken to know that this kingdom is our kingdom.  Now, to me, everything is precious.  Before everything was an obstacle.  I wanted to let go of it, disengage from it and hang around in the infinite restfulness of Being.  That is not enough for me now.  I feel like a roaring soul, a roaring lion in my heart awakening.  I love this [life].  And being a Four [Enneagram type] I wanted to go out of it, I wanted to go to the Absolute and never return. 

Renate:  Just to clarify, Faisal just finished an interview with Eleonora about the Enneagram.  And Faisal is a number Four on the Enneagram.  And if you’re interested [to know] what that means, you have to watch the interview.

Faisal:  I was obsessed with dying.  There was too much suffering and I wanted to go. 

Renate:  Of course, you wanted the drama [laughing]. 

Faisal:  After years of leaving the drama, I feel I am returning now seeing it is only the drama that took me away from the glory of what is here.  I walk like a lover now, glory, glory to this kingdom.  Every day [I am] learning how to bow more, how to surrender more.  The divine love is bestowed on me and also the guardians bestow on me.  There are high beings guarding this kingdom.  It is not left haphazard[ly] for everybody to damage.  It is like a beautiful garden, there are caretakers of it.  And to me, the lord of them all is the Christ.  He is the divine love itself, embodied, manifested.  It touches me deeply when I connect to him. 

Renate:  Yes, I know you have a very beautiful connection to the Christ.

Faisal: I love him, he is my friend. 

Renate:  You have a lot of Christ energy in you as well. 

Faisal:  Yeah, in me.  I think there is a variety of souls and some are Buddha-like souls and some are Muhammad-like souls, or Christ-like souls.  My soul has an affinity to Christ.  It is like he is my tribe, but the others are my cousins.  But my soul rests in that frequency and that is the beauty of our souls.  They are not alike.  We are like birds of paradise…

Renate:  Beautiful….   So I want to shift to something else which intrigued me.  You talked about it in the interview with Iain about the Verse of Light, or the chapter of light.  What intrigued me was that you said it took you thirty years to understand what it means. 

Faisal:  It took thirty-seven years. 

Renate:  Thirty-seven years!  I found it, I read it, and I read it again, and I read it again, and had not a clue.  I did not understand it.  So I would like you to talk about it, its meaning.  Faisal brought a beautiful picture, which we will show later in a bigger way and there is also a little story behind it.   Would you like to tell us [about] the Verse of Light?

Faisal:  Yes, I would love to!  This is like the jewel of my heart in this whole journey.  In 1976, I had the realization of my Buddha nature; the joy, the delight and the hell that comes from it, and the glory.  The hell is all the issues, and the glory is all the blessings that came from it.  In 1977, something was cooking in me that I did not know [about] and one day it birthed itself as a verse in the Koran.  I was never into the Koran, I was never into religion.  I thought religion was the drug of nations [like] Mao Tse Tung.  I always wanted to be a scientist, but this verse came into my heart and became the spine and the heart of the unfoldment of the Diamond teachings and the evolution of the Diamond Logos.  I had to leave [the old school] to continue my evolution with this verse.  I will recite it in Arabic and I invite all of our listeners to not think of Arabic or English, but think this is a mantra written by high beings and it is a mantra of sounds.  All languages are sounds and these sounds are like a harpsichord that activates the Absolute.  If you listen to it without any prejudice, or understanding, it will regulate your electromagnetic field and give you a feeling of that state, then you can talk about the differentiation.  So I will recite it as the emanation of this journey. 

[Faisal recites the verse in Arabic]

Allah is the deity in Islam.  We can translate it as God, but to me, God is different from Allah.  God is an aspect of Allah.  Allah includes the totality of existence.  All that you experience including you, that totality is Allah.  So we are Allah, Allah, Allah…[each one of us is Allah].  [The Verse] says Allah is the illuminator of heavens and earths.  The likeness of this illumination is like a jeweled structure.  Within this jeweled structure is a bulb of light.  This light is surrounded by a bulb, like a glass bowl, and this glass bowl is like a pearly planet.

Renate:  A glittering star?

Faisal:  So yes, there is a star… there is a jeweled structure, [within it] there is a pearl, and [within the pearl] there is a star.  And the star is illuminated, something is fueling it that is coming from a blessed olive tree that is neither from the east or the west and the oil of that tree is shining even though it is not touched by fire.  This system, this entity generates light upon light and this deity guides whoever wishes to be guided.  If you don’t wish it, it is not going to interfere.  If you want to get lost for a while then do, but if you want to be guided, it will draw you to it.  And in 1977/78, it started with Hameed who was an old friend – journeying so much together since we were 10 years old, inquiring.  But I never recited this to him.  I never shared this with him, because it felt personal and I did not want to make this approach [Diamond Approach] like a religion, or something but it got me.  It got me day and night.  Whenever I forget, it hums again and revs my system.  So we unfolded the Diamond Approach and then we would discover a part of it and I thought, “Oh, yes we got it!”  And then the next day comes and [we discover] another [part].  What is this jeweled structure?  What is this pearl?  What is this star, what is it doing?  Thirty-seven years downloading the intricacies of this.  And now I feel the picture is revealed.  Who are we?  This is symbolizing the human.  Allah is the human with all the glory that I am, from the alpha to the omega.  This verse was preserved in the Koran – many read it, they don’t know what it says. 

And then came a story about it that, at one time, Hulaku [Khan] from the Mongols – and Genghis Khan –  decided to come and invade the Middle East.  The Sufis, or the wise people of the Middle East, knew that the Mongols were coming and that they were going to destroy the culture and they were going to destroy the spirituality and the books and the temples so they decided on how to preserve the teachings.  They took this Verse of Light and were able to figure it out as a mandala. [Faisal holds up the photo of the rug mandala.] You can see the mandala – there is the center of it – and they assigned it to the rug makers.  They made beautiful rugs – golden, yellow, red, colorful rugs, but all of the classical Persian rugs are the same: a structure in the middle floating in some kind of space, colorful space and around it, is a square-like structure [Faisal is holding the photo of the rug as he explains].  In the square-like structure, sometimes they put [pictures of] animals, or sometimes flowers or sometime, manifestations, and when Hulaku and Genghis Khan came, they gave them the rugs.  Those invaders destroyed the mosques, killed the saints but loved the rugs and they enjoyed them without knowing that the Sufis tricked them, gave them the whole teaching about reality and existence and they were carrying it while the teaching continued in secret until this got integrated.  I was fascinated as a child and teenager with the magic carpet and I wanted to sit on the magic carpet and fly.  Now we have the Jumbo [jet] – it’s easier.  This is the magic carpet for me.  Each time I look at it, I know the map.  I enter one domain after another and it carries me on the inner journey.  So if you look at it…

Renate:  Do you have a real one at home?           

Faisal:  I have many of them! [laughing] yellow, green… I will explain why.  I have maybe 13–15 of them.  I’m not far away from a Two [enneagram type] – chandeliers, colors….  So if you look at this [holds up the image] in the center of it, there is a spot.  In every Persian rug, there is a dot - sometimes like a star, sometimes, just a dot.  Around it is an eight petaled flower – sometimes it is like a pearl, sometimes like a flower.  Around it is a bigger structure, around it is a bigger spaceship.  Then around this structure is space, some kind of space.  In this one, it happens to be red.  Another one could be green, that’s why I have the different colors [rugs].  Then you have the square [around the space].  In the middle [or the center of the rug] is the Point of Light, this unique human soul, this light.  [In the verse it says] there is a light.  Inside the pearl, there is a spot of light, around it [the spot of light] is a pearl.  So the pearl is either a flower, an 8-petaled flower [an octagon design] or a pearl, then around it is a jeweled structure. 

The closest you can really see this is if you have seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  In this movie, you see the drama of the ego searching, looking, played by the guy.  He has a feeling, he doesn’t know what it is, madness takes over him to find something, then he goes and finds the place of the landing of a UFO.  Before the landing, a little UFO comes – different vehicles of essence come – then the grand mother UFO comes and from it comes little divine creatures.  [The film makers] got inspired without knowing that Being dictated upon them to create this movie.  So there are structures upon structures floating in space and that space is the Absolute.  The Absolute can be clear; it can be red Absolute, or an infinite dimension of red or an infinite dimension of gold.  It is as if you took the Absolute and added little frequencies to it and it becomes infinite.  And then the Absolute goes even beyond this square.  Underneath it, beyond it, it is holding the whole mandala of existence.  The outside of it is time and space.  Within this domain [the Absolute] there is no time and space.  When you are in the Absolute, you wish it and it becomes, but in order for that wish to be actualized, it has to enter time and space.  And this is where what we say we see, but it may take one hundred thousand years to see what we said.  So if you look at this structure in the middle floating in the Absolute, think of it as a three dimensional structure coming out [outward from the rug], so if you look at it from the top, a three dimensional structure comes up. This three dimensional structure is what I call the Grand Vehicle of Being, that is the Stupa-Chandelier a male and female structure in holy communion. 

Renate: Yin and Yang.

Faisal: Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine.  It is a vehicle that combines Stupa and Chandelier.  The Chandelier is the feminine aspect of being and the Stupa is the masculine aspect of being.  You see it as the minaret in Islam.  Over every Mosque, there is this minaret, and you see it over the top of every church – there is a steeple.  In Tibet they have those stupas.  Humanity is preserving the archetypes of being and mostly they don’t know what it is.  All of these things have a holy meaning.  So when you look at this there is a stupa, a jeweled structure, and in the middle of every stupa there is a window and there is a Buddha in there.

The Buddha is our Point of Light This is the robe of glory and the jewels – in the verse of Allah, [it is] described as a jeweled entity.  Around it is a pearl.  [Paraphrase: The Buddha is our Point of Light, surrounded by a pearl surrounded by a bigger jeweled structure like the spaceship in the movie, Close Encounters].  The Point of Light is a pure spirit, pure light and the jewels are like this world, very solid matter.  Between the two, we created a medium-ship [intermediate substance], a substance that is not pure light, nor pure matter.  A substance that gives connection to my own soul and my own spirit and gives me the ability to connect with you.  Otherwise, I am in my own light, especially the Absolutists, you can’t reach them or I am so much in my ego that I am unreachable.  So the Divine created a substance of medium-ship that gives ease, relaxation [so] that my Point of Light can shine within it and my body can also manifest, and reality can manifest.  So this verse took thirty-seven years, produced the Diamond Approach, continued in the Diamond Logos to complete itself and now I feel that it’s completed and that is us, that is the glory of the human being. 

Renate:  It completed now in you so now it can be also found in us.

Faisal:  Yes, I really pray… all I am saying is, “Let’s wake up and see the glory of the human being!”  We are the most glorious that there is and we have forgotten, we really have forgotten and because of this forgetfulness, there is suffering. 

Renate:  Well, I’m afraid, Faisal, we have to finish. 

Faisal:  Really, thank you for this opportunity. 

Renate:  It was very beautiful and when you read the Verse of Light in Arabic I was very moved.  [It was] beautiful.  Well, thanks again for coming.  There is so much more I wanted to talk to you about, I think you have to come back.

Faisal:  Delightfully so.  I am grateful to all of you who made it so beautiful to deliver this message.  It is challenging, but please look, don’t dismiss it.  Struggle, look, if it is true you will be relieved.  If not, let it go.

Renate:  Thank you Faisal.  Thank you for being with us. Thank you for watching and I will see you again soon.  


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