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» Transformations - Chris Bache - 'Diamonds From Heaven' - Interview by Iain McNay
Chris is author of several books including 'Lifecycles - a study of reincarnation in light of contemporary consciousness research'; 'Dark Night, Early Dawn - a pioneering work in psychedelic philosophy and collective consciousness'; and 'The Living Classroom,' an exploration of teaching and collective fields of consciousness.' He is currently completing his new book, 'Diamonds from Heaven: A 20 Year Journey into the Mind of the Universe.' This latest book is a detailed account of 20 years of discovery initiated by taking 73 high doses of LSD. This journey was inspired by Stan Grof's book 'In Realms of the Human Unconscious' which convinced him that the entire intellectual tradition he had absorbed was based upon a superficial experience of the human psyche. He felt he couldn't turn down the invitation of extending his experience of his mind to have first-hand knowledge of these domains. In this interview Chris shares some of the boundaries crossed, lessons learned and the experiences he had during this 20 year psychedelic journey. Categories include: crossing the perinatal plain, the ocean of suffering, Deep Time and the soul, the Greater Real of archetypal reality, the birth of the Future Human, Diamond Luminosity, and integrating the Infinite. This really is a very unique interview.
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