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Conversations On Awakening - Part 1

This book is transcripts of all our following interviews:

A.H Almaas 'Endless Enlightenment'
Jessica Britt 'The Great Alchemy'
Sheikh Burhanuddin 'The Journey of a Modern Sufi Mystic'
Linda Clair 'I Am Enlightened'
John Butler 'Discovering Stillness - Parts 1 and 2'
Billy Doyle 'The Mirage of Separation'
Georgi Y. Johnson 'I Am Here'
Cynthia Bourgeault 'Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart'
Gabor Harsanyi 'The Master of Silence'
Tess Hughes 'The Non-Event of No Self'
Philip Jacobs 'The Pathless Path'
Igor Kufayev 'The Impact of Awakening'

You can find full details including ordering information of Part 1 here

Conversations On Awakening - Part 2

This book contains transcripts of all our following interviews:

Susanne Marie 'Embodiment is Never Ending'
Debra Wilkinson 'Awake and Ready'
Richard Moss 'Radical Aliveness'
Mukti 'The Embodiment of Enlightenment'
Miek Pot 'Into The Great Silence'
Reggie Ray 'Finding Realisation in the Body'
Aloka (David Smith) 'The Awakened Mind is Born'
Deborah Westmoreland 'Being Knowing Being
'Russel Williams 'Looking Through the Horse's Eyes'
Jurgen Ziewe 'The Ten Minute Moment'
Martyn Wilson 'The State of No Thought'
Jah Wobble 'Riding the Sonic Boom to Heaven'

You can find full details including ordering information of Part 2 here

Conversations on Non-Duality: Twenty-Six Awakenings

non duality bookConversations on Non-Duality gives twenty-six expressions of liberation which have been shaped by different life experiences, each offering a unique perspective.

David Bingham, Daniel Brown, Sundance Burke, Katie Davis, Peter Fenner, Steve Ford, Jeff Foster, Suzanne Foxton, Gangaji, Richard Lang, Roger Linden, Wayne Liquorman, Francis Lucille, Mooji, Catherine Noyce, Jac O’Keeffe, Tony Parsons, Bernie Prior, Halina Pytlasinska, Genpo Roshi, Florian Schlosser, Mandi Solk, Rupert Spira, James Swartz, Richard Sylvester and Pamela Wilson.

The book is also available at all good book shops as well as on and

The e-book version is on as well as on


enneagram bookConversations on The Enneagram

This book is transcripts of all our Enneagram interviews. It contains the transcripts of all Nine panel discussions plus our interviews with: Tom Condon, Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Sandra Maitri, Faisal Muqaddam, Claudio Naranjo, and Helen Palmer.

you can order it for the UK here.

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