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» Transformations - Helen Hamilton - 'The Silence and The Fear' - Interview by Iain McNay
Helen has written 7 books including 'Reality Check - a simple guide to enlightenment,' and 'The Story of I'. She was always searching for something in my life and for many years she didn't know what it was. She always felt different as a child and could see energy and auras around her and desperately tried to fit in and find peace but it never came. A sense of an empty void began to grow inside her in her twenties and eventually she realised she was suffering from depression. She tried various forms of healing, reiki, meditations but they only gave her temporary relief. But then for one brief moment all mind chatter stopped and when it resumed she spent years searching for how to get back to that "place". She pursuing yoga, Kundalini teachings, Vipassana meditations and much more and experienced awakening in what seemed to be stages. During her awakening she experienced lengthy delays and many obstacles and issues and struggled to overcome blocks and got stuck many times. There were many delays and dark moments. In this interview Helen talks us through her journey and explains how she now sees reality.
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