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» Transformations - 'Beyond Imogen'- Interview by Renate McNay
Imogen Sita Webber is a Spiritual Mentor and Writer. She was raised with the understanding that "everything is consciousness" as the underlying basis of life. She started practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) aged 6 and attended both the Maharishi School in the UK and the Maharishi University in the USA. The Vedic knowledge of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the paradigm she grew up in and therefore never considered herself a "spiritual seeker" because she never had any other context or knowledge of spirituality outside of this viewpoint. Imogen had a fairly difficult upbringing and suffered from catatonic depression. Meditation and Anti-depressants gave her the tools to avoid what she was feeling inside. After her closest friend committed suicide she walked out of her Life and questioned her whole existence. She realised that she wasn't truly happy. While reading Suzanne Segal's book "Collision with the Infinite" she experienced a dramatic spontaneous non-dual awakening and lived for several months in joyful bliss. The complete Awakening happened after a transmission 18 months later through an American teacher called Ramaji. Following the transmission the profound realisation dawned on her that there was nothing to "get" and there wasn't and never had been any-ONE to get it! The sense that "I" am a separate "self" or "doer" who thinks and acts autonomously in this "world" was obliterated. Now Life is utterly raw, spontaneous, beautiful, inclusive of all and utterly in the "NOW".
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