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» Transformations - Ishtar (Thomas Howell) - 'Relax. And Enlightenment is Waiting For You' - Interview by Renate McNay
Ishtar is a Meditation teacher, Ishaya Monk, Gardener, Writer and intuitive Astrologer. He had a sense of himself until the age of 7 and saw the World infused with boundless and bottomless Light. At 13 he was in a car accident that took his Mothers life and initiated an NDA (near death experience) which threw him into a profound Samadhi experience where he saw in a flash his whole Life before his eyes in perfect detail along with the knowledge of every time he made a choice from fear, limitation or conditioning. After the Samadhi faded he fell into intense grieving and depression and wanted to find his way back. He began a meditation practice and ascetic discipline with cold showers at 3am, fasting and many hours of meditation, he became a monk in his own home. Years later he found a practice known as the Ishaya Ascension and started living in a monastic environment dedicated to the practice and training to become a teacher. Miracles and wild manifestations were frequent and Awareness slowly saturated more and more of his life. A good spiritual practice is guiding us into the most fundamental and expansive octave of our nervous system. He says: "One doesn't have to do anything to wake up, just relax. Samadhi is waiting for us to relax. In Samadhi the psychic impressions are being destroyed and freeing up our Nervous System." He also talks about his lifelong interest in Astrology which is a fascinatingly accurate window into the strength and weaknesses of Peoples psyche. In his work he's tuning into the multi-layered music of the Soul.
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