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» Transformations - Jez Alborough - 'My Personality Just Fell Apart' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'The Story Of You and 'The Infinite Journey.' Jez was a very successful children's author having sold over 8 million books. He was always aware of two sides of his life; a creative, outgoing character who loved and enjoyed himself and also deep down a traumatised, damaged side which was mostly hidden away. While cycling he would sometimes experience 'the sensation of golden light in my spine which put my thinking process in neutral and released me into a state of bliss. I could observe my life but there was a distance to it, almost as if it was happening to someone else.' Later when his career took off he would sometimes feel strange. 'It was as if something in me had fused: my hands went cold and my heart started racing; I felt abnormally stressed.' These episodes disturbed him. At one point he took a holiday which he hoped would put right whatever was wrong with him. But at one point, 'my knees buckled beneath me, my whole Personality just fell apart - there was no coming back. It was what UG Krishnamurti calls “the calamity.” I couldn't pull myself together. The centre from which I'd previously operated just wasn't functioning, this was accompanied by tremendous anxiety.' In this interview Jez tells us his fascinating story as well as the realisations that he came to through this process, and the world he now lives in.
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