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» Books - Marlies Cocheret - 'Important Books In My Life - Edition 7' - Interview by Eleonora Gilbert
In this interview Marlies talks about the books that have touched her the most in her life. These 5 books were all written by women on women's spirituality and mysticism embracing the paths of Sufism, Tibetan and Tantric Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. Marlies explains: "All my teachers have been male, but all the books that deeply touched me are written by females." The following books are explored: The Chasm of Fire by Irina Tweedie, Cave in the Snow by Vicki MacKenzie, Passionate Enlightenment by Miranda Shaw, Totality in Essence by Vimala Thakar and What Is Self? by Bernadette Roberts
» Advaita - Marlies Cocheret - 'My Biggest Love is Silence' - Interview by Renate McNay
She is a spiritual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti. Born with a genetic kidney disease, her condition played a big part in her awakening and in the overcoming of her suffering. She emphasizes the importance of Meditation to calm the nervous system. This is an important aspect for full Embodiment to occur. In 1998 she became a student of Adyashanti and was taken by surprise when in 2000 he asked her to share the Dharma. She is not a teacher who talks about truth only in the sense of emptiness: EMBODIMENT of the Silence. Living our Humanity in the marketplace is her teaching.
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