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» Transformations - Michael McCaffrey - 'The Trap of the Absolute' - Interview by Iain McNay
Michael grew up with a nagging sense that something wasn't quite as it seemed. As a child he spent time contemplating life, death and infinity. In his mid-teens he medicated himself through his discomfort and then things started to spiral out of control. He was pretty much high 7 days a week. He fell and became a shadow of his former self. He decided to try meditation and ended up going to India. He discovered that what he'd been seeking his whole life was right here. He was it. It was like a reset button had been hit and he saw everything differently. Over the next few years he spoke at non-duality events but found them to not be for him. He came do discover through these talks that he had got himself caught in a secondary trap, the trap of the absolute. 'The only way out is in. Right at the centre of the storm is where we find peace.' He realised that the work to be fully human is the work of a lifetime.
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