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» Awakenings - Mick Collins - 'My Crisis And Transformation' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'The Unselfish Spirit.' Mick left school at 15, working as a manual labourer before joining the army. Visited a Tibetan Monastery intending to stay 2 days and ended up living there for 3 years. 'I started contemplating various attachments and aversions in my conventional existence' and began reflecting on the significance on what a more intimate perspective could mean in the way he lived; began to observe and question how duality was embedded in my thoughts and behaviour.' He was also fascinated by the interplay between form and emptiness. But on a long train journey had an extraordinary experience where he had a heightened sense of compassion and profound feelings of love followed two days later by a slide into a diametrically opposed state. Was flooded by intense emotions; felt he was caught in a conflict between good and evil compounded by feelings of fear and terror. Left monastery and slowly started to find balance again with the help of Jungian work. Felt he had taken a journey into the unknown without a map. Eventually integrated the spiritual crisis and started to learn the interplay between doing and being which is now his passion.
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