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» Awakenings - Nicholas Hagger - '+A+-A = The Great Nothing' - Interview by Iain McNay
Nicholas Hagger is a poet, cultural historian and philosopher and is the author of more than 35 books including his two latest just released, 'My Double life 1 - This Dark Wood' and 'My Double Life 2 - A Rainbow Over the Hills.' In this interview he talks about his life, his spiritual awakenings and how they have changed the way he sees reality. 'I asked Japanese poet Junzabuto Nishwaki in 1965 for a distillation of the wisdom of the East - he wrote on a business card +A+-A=0. The Great Nothing. He explained that the Universe is a unity that reconciles all contradictions, that the One combines day and night, life or death.'

'Libya accelerated my drastic purgation and remaking of myself. I was on the universal mystic way without realising it - I didn't know that my dark night of the senses would help me back onto the right path of detachments, illumination and transformations - I would have to traverse hell before I could reach inner serenity - I now felt more intensely than ever that I had lost my way in a dark wood and was I still searching for my right path.' 'This was my first glimpse of the celebrated golden flower, the centre and the source of my being. White light flowing upwards... a spring opened up inside me... visions wobbled inside me... I saw a fountain of light .Finally I said to myself , 'I surrender' and I was drunk with flowing light.'

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