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» Other - Robert Gebka and Kathy Monaco - 'Less Is More' - Interview by Iain McNay
Robert Gebka is director of the Dorset Mindfulness Centre. He spent five years living and working at the Nan Hua Buddhist monastery in South Africa. He tells his story, including how he had to deal with many afflictions including anxiety, depression and drug addiction. He now works part-time within the mental health field for the NHS. He is passionately engaged in bringing mindfulness to the NHS and is the originator of the Mindful Recovery Project, a Mindfulness Based Recovery Support approach for individuals with severe mental health conditions.

Kathy Monaco was introduced to Buddhism to get answers to some of the questions that were always in the back of her mind. She lived as a nun both in South Africa and Taiwan before disrobing and constructing a simple life for herself using Buddhist tools.

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