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» Enneagram - Tom Condon - 'Living the Dynamic Enneagram' - Interview by Iain McNay
Author of 'The Dynamic Enneagram - How To Work with your personality style to truly grow and change.' Tom explains how the Enneagram is an inner map of what we have learnt, but it is incomplete. It offers many clues to out truth strengths and can greatly help us improve our communications with others and our relationships. It is a springboard for change. We are in a deep trance, only perceiving a fraction of reality. We are living the story of our lives rather than our actual lives. The Enneagram can be an invaluable vehicle to help us wake up to who we really are.
» Enneagram - Tom Condon - 'The Enneagram and Relationships' - Interview by Eleonora Gilbert
Tom Condon, author of The Dynamic Enneagram and of How to See Enneagram Styles in the Movies, combines in his trainings his knowledge of the Enneagram, Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP to bring about change. Tom has also produced over 50 DVD's and CD's. In this interview we go deeper into the exploration of what other factors, besides our Enneagram type, influence our patterns of behaviour in how we relate to people and to our world. We explore parental points, the Enneagram style of the family, the subtypes and much more. Tom says: "As you apply what you learn to your life, you might remind yourself that an Enneagram style is more than the sum of someone's visible behaviour. The Enneagram describes the inner strategies that drive behaviour. It's not what people do, it's why they do it".
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