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» Transformations - Tony Samara - 'A Modern Shaman's Journey' - Interview by Iain McNay
Tony is author of 'A Shaman's Wisdom'. He talks about his early life; moving to live in a Zen Monastery when he was 18; how he later went to live in the Amazon Jungle for several years moving from village to village and learning about himself and Shamanism. It is a fascinating story of determination, courage and of following your truth.
» Transformations - Tony Samara - 'The Human Heart Is The Hero' - Interview by Renate McNay
Author of several books including, 'Deeper than Words', 'From the Heart', 'Shaman's Wisdom', Tony was initiated into Shamanism in the jungles of South America. In this interview he talks about the loss of our instinctive connection with Nature and how we can regain our ONENESS with All That Is. Also, Tony talks about his deep commitment to the Evolution of Consciousness. He says, "the heart is what makes a Human Being a HERO".
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