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David Bingham - Clear Seeing Session - guided meditation

David:  Hello, my name is David Bingham and I’d like to give you an opportunity to realise who you truly are.  We’ve all believed ourselves to be human beings, and everything that we see and hear reinforces that.  All the people we meet, everything you hear on TV, on the radio, in the books you read, it’s all reinforcing the idea that you are this person.  But I’m going to invite you to look at another possibility.  I want you to see that the Awareness that is aware isn’t confined to the body.  This awareness is just present, it always is.  When you were two years old you were aware in this moment, and it appears as though time has gone by, but you’re just here.  The awareness that you are is just present. 

So, just begin by noticing that that awareness has no boundaries.  It isn’t located within the brain.  It isn’t located within the mind.  It’s a Universal Field of Consciousness.  A Universal Field of Awareness and it simply IS.  You can’t move towards it.  You can’t move away from it.  It’s just here. 

And then, just notice that everything arises effortlessly.  There’s awareness of the body.  There’s awareness of the room that you’re sitting in.  There’s awareness of the sounds.  There’s awareness of traffic going by.  There can be awareness of birds singing.  There can be awareness of the furthest galaxy.  There can be awareness of the wind.  Everything is arising in awareness and the awareness is who you are.  You’ve never been imprisoned within the human body.  You’re simply the awareness that is simply here.  No effort.  No trying.  No going anywhere.  No getting anywhere.  Just here. 

You can play the games of acquiring.  You can play the game of pretending that you need to do something.  But really, you’re just here.  And you’re just experiencing everything arising.  So, at any time it’s possible to switch from the story of being the individual, the story of being the human being and realise that you are simply The Being with a capital ‘B’.  And that Being - there is just one Being - and that one Being is who you are.  It’s who I am.  It’s who everyone is.  There’s no duality, there’s no discord within that and everything is arising within it.  So, just notice what’s arising.  At any moment, if you feel discord, if you feel as though life isn’t going the way you want it to, if you get entangled in the story, or believe you were entangled when actually, you never were, just notice the awareness that you are.  It’s always just here.  It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s always with you.  If you wake up at night notice it’s there.  If you ride on the train, notice it’s there.  If you’re eating, if you’re walking, or if you’re running, just notice there is awareness and then notice what is arising within it.  And just notice that all of that awareness and everything that’s arising is arising effortlessly.  That is all that’s required to know one’s true nature.  And you can move in and out of that, because you’re the Infinite Being.  That’s what you are. 


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